What Is Your Dominant Trait According To The Spirituality Wheel?

Our brains are really, really smart in figuring out an unknown thing, part, or an idea, only if we force our brain and thoughts to focus on one thing. Many self-improvement books use this ‘trick’ to force our brain to make a new way to our goal. It’s all about finding the real authentic answer to the unknown.

On a daily basis, our brain connects missing dots between unknown situations and outcomes, and yet, many of us are not even conscious about it.

For example, if you see a a ramshackled car on a parking spot, your brain will instantly try to calculate how many years that car is untouched, or how come the driver just left the car to rot on that spot.

Or when you see a bread crumbs all over the ground and you remember that you left your last bites of the sandwich on the table, you assume that Lessie got it when you were in the bathroom.

Your brain (YOU) connect dots that has no real clue.

Now, the same will happen with the quiz bellow.

In many religions and belief systems exists a construct that is so-called spirituality wheel. It is used in a symbolic way to illustrate the various connections and associations between certain concepts and ideas.

There are no boundaries or limits what a ‘wheel’ has to circle or revolve around, that’s why it is used as an universal and multi-dimensional form. You can create your own wheel, as long as the information and ideas it embraces makes sense, because it’s more than a metaphor than a rigid particular thing.

This quiz explores an individual’s dominant personality trait and uses a spirituality wheel to represent the four main types; kindness, humor, true grit, and prophecy.

Every one of us belongs to one of the four types according to certain characteristics that relate to our dominant trait.

Take the quiz to find out what the spirituality wheel determines your most dominant trait!

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