Research Reveals 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Become More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Even after centuries of evolution and growth, humanity is somewhere stuck on how we present ourselves on a superficial level, which is not exactly ideal, to say the least.

Everyone has more than what is on the outside, beyond what the eye can perceive.

Following is a list of factors backed by science that make you more attractive to the opposite sex and surprise, surprise… they have nothing to do with your physical appearance, read on!

1. Have a sense of humour

Its been known for centuries that laughter is the best medicine for every disease there is, and when you’re someone who can make people laugh, your company automatically becomes more desirable.

A study conducted by Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor of communications suggests that when a man makes a woman laugh, she becomes more interested in dating him.

2. Find and keep good company

Research shows that people appear more attractive when they have a large social circle.

When someone has a sizeable friend circle, they are perceived as friendly and well disposed, and hence, more dateable.

Good company also boosts your self confidence and allows you to project and be your best self, helping you leave your insecurities behind.

3. Learn to lead

Power is one of most attractive attributes one can possess. An experiment conducted in 2014 found that a group of people under a leader found the same leader highly attractive, people not in the group, however, did not agree.

Take initiative and begin things, motivate people, radiate self assurance.

4. Chuck Small Talk

Small talk never has led anywhere.

Researchers from Harvard University say that if you engage in meaningful conversations, you form better connections with people, activating the same areas of the brain that are generally activated by sex or good food.

A study conducted by psychologist Arthur Aron involved two groups of people- one engaging in frivolous small talk and the other indulging in deep conversation. People belonging to the second group formed deeper bonds and a couple even ended up falling in love.

5. Smile

A study in Switzerland found that attractiveness is directly proportional to how much you smile.

When you smile, it’s not just other people that you attract, but you feel better about yourself as well.

Moreover, it takes 26 muscles to smile but 62 to frown. The choice is easy. A scowl is never the solution.

6. Buy a pet

To do away with the ambiguity that surrounds the word “pet”, get a dog. Having a dog gives the message that you are suited to long term commitments and have a nurturing nature.

Other than the above reason (like you need another one!), animals are great conversation starters and ice breakers.

7. Don’t be rude

Treat people nicely, have a sunny disposition and don’t be the person that’s unnecessarily mean.

A Chinese study that was conducted in 2014 says that you immediately more attractive the moment your niceness starts showing.

Love will only come your way when you are a good hearted, warm person.

8. Buy a nice house

Nothing increases your attractiveness as much as an elevated status- which is achievable by buying the best place that you can afford.

In a small Cardiff Metropolitan University study in which a man was photographed with a casual posture in a “high-status” luxury apartment and a “neutral-status” standard apartment context, the high-status men received higher attractiveness rating from a group of 35 female undergrads.

9. Take up an instrument

There have been numerous studies over the years that have found that people who play instruments are found to be more attractive.

Researchers say say that the skill of creating music is often considered a sign of intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Pick up the guitar that you’ve always wanted to play and go for it. The results will be far from disappointing.

10. Confidence

Study after study has shown that confidence is a major attractiveness factor.

Learn to accept yourself and develop a sense of self confidence because there is truly nobody else in the world that is exactly like you.

Own it and everything else will follow suit.

Nothing makes you more dateable than the right amount of confidence and faith in yourself!

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