12 Powerful Habits of People Who Know That Happiness Is An Inside Job

Happiness is something that you create for yourself. It does and should not emerge from someone else. If it will, then you will always be looking for happiness in others neglecting your own true happiness.

Our entire society is based on the premise of making people believe that happiness is external to their being and that it needs to be bought. It’s what runs this whole system. In the meantime, certain key aspects of happiness have been forgotten by the average Joe.

Happiness is a state of mind. More importantly it truly comes from within. You don’t need the fancy car to be happy. You have to realize that adversity is a natural aspect of your life and without it you would never be able to appreciate your moments in the sun.

While the path to happiness is a hard one to travel it will be more than worth it in the end!

These are habits that have been inculcated by people who have managed to see through the tricks and mirrors of society to realize that there is no complex formula into becoming happy.

These are 12 habits that have helped them in that process:

1.  They’re optimists

Optimism is a great quality to have. It gives you the ability to see the silver lining of things. What that basically means is that you begin to think positively. A healthy mind is the first step to becoming happy.

2.  Money Can’t Buy Happiness

That’s basically what we were explaining in the introduction to this article. Wealth obviously can’t give you happiness and peace of mind. There’s nothing like being financially secure. But beyond the basic comforts and security it really can do nothing to plug the hollow hole in your life and happy people know this.

3.  Appreciate the small things

Even the smallest and seemingly most innocuous things can bring you great joy in your life. Learn to take notice of the unsuspecting things that might give you a moment of joy and realize that can make you happy as well.

4.  They don’t feel the need to compete and compare

Stop comparing yourselves to others if you want some peace of mind. Comparing is already an external job. Happiness is an inside job.

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5.  Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is essential when it comes to finding happiness in life. If you can’t let go of the past then how will you let yourself be truly happy?

6.  They are Grateful

They are thankful for whatever they have. They understand the value of what they hold and that is a great key to their sense of contentment.

7.  They move on

They know that the best way to deal with the pain of the past is to accept what happened and let it go. Moving on in life is incredibly important.

8.  They are consciously being happy

Happiness is a state of mind and it is possible to tap into that state of being if you’re determined to be happy in your life. You’ll be aware that most things that bring you down are tiny (and even funny) compared to your capability of solving them.

9.  Don’t worry!

This is self-explanatory. Just quit your constant worrying about things.

10. They accept that things happen for a reason

By learning to allow yourself to accept the fact that you cannot control the things that go on in the universe you can let go of the need to try and control everything. Just go with the flow.

 11. They are kind

They are words truly said that it costs nothing to be kind, and yet it has the ability to truly make you feel good about the life that you are leading. Charity is good for the soul.

 12. They keep their friends around

They understand the value of the people around them and know how to treasure the value of their relationships. Surround yourself with wonderful, deserving people and it will bring you great joy.

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