24 Sure Signs that You are an Original Anunnaki Descendant on the Earth

At one point or another, we’ve all wondered what our origins are; not our individual, biologic origin, but our collective root, our genesis as a species. Although society has come a long way in the past few thousands of years, some believe a definite answer to this question has yet to be given.

One of the most interesting theories regarding the origin of mankind was proposed by paranormal author Zecharia Sitchin and revolves around the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens”). The Anunnaki correspond to the old Hebrew Anakeim and Elohim and the Egyptian Neter.

According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki came from Nibiru, the mysterious yet unconfirmed tenth planet in our solar system. They landed in the Persian Gulf area some 430,000 years ago and colonized our planet with the intention of mining monoatomic gold, which was scarce on Nibiru yet abundant on Earth.

Their mining operations went without a hitch for 200,000 years until their miners rebelled and the Anunnaki were left without their working force. Documents Sitchin claims to have translated tell of the efforts the Anunnaki undertook in search for new miners, efforts which ultimately led to the rise of Homo sapiens.

Now, as much as technology and human mind seems to advance, we are getting really close to many things we used to call “unbelievable”. Just how many theories prove that time does’t exist as we think it does. Now look at #3… seems familiar?

The signs bellow indicate that we are getting really close to the Anunnaki as times goes by. Not to mention that we already have a lot of this signs already:

1. Something out of nothing

Annunaki are believed to be the creators. According to legends and myths, they were given the tools to create existence from the energies of nothingness almost around 430,000 years ago.

2. They can create matter from energy

The energy they gathered from the void or abyss, they created what is called space.

3. They dislike time limits

There is a theory that Annunaki people do not exist in a world where time is relevant or observable. These people dislike any form of time limit and do not observe any ritual or form of measuring time.

4. Against Lucifer/Satan

While creating Paradise, Annunaki wanted more time to create a perfect world. They felt that creation was not allowed to be perfected and they held Lucifer responsible for creating a hindrance in this project.

5. They are not Angels.

Earlier the Annunaki had two forms – Antu and Kishar. Kishars are the ones who created Earth and everything material that can be found. Kishars also believed in the idea of there being One God from which operates the concept of one truth and one law. They were the first ones to start creating the Earth.

6. Knowledge about physics

Antus came later and operated on Kishar’s works. They believed in the plurality of god, that there is much energy which operates in the universe.

7. Self-consciousness

Annunaki were responsible for the creation of the human body.

8. The idea of love

Annunaki fell in love with what they created i.e. the human being. But they were supposed to stay away from them and let humans live in a state of ignorance regarding the Annunakis.

9. Opinions matter

Annunaki’s are opinionated beings and they like to hold intelligent discourse with other beings. Earlier, they had a suspicion about the Creator himself that he was actually a Demiurge.

10. On the side of humanity

Annunakis left Heaven to take side with humanity after the great Fall.

11. Love for precious things

Annunakis came to the human species with precious metals and jewels. They helped Adam and Eve and the original tribes of humankind after the Fall.

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12. Poor judgment

The tools presented to humans for creation and survival was used for the purposes of destruction. This was being very upsetting for the Annunakis.

13. Love for creating things

They created many tools and shelter for the humanity to survive.

14. Natural inventors and teachers

They created new methods and ways to assist humans in their work. They are also very good teachers!

15. Dislike for wars

According to writing on Hub Pages, The heavenly powers cursed the angels that sided with Lucifer, calling them the Fallen or the Nephilim. When the armies of Michael began to fall upon the fallen, Lucifer organized the Legions so the fallen and their allies could defend themselves, they used their knowledge to forge weapondry and prepare what was called the Iron Legion. Many Annunaki joined with the Iron Legion, building what the fallen and humanity would need to survive and prepare for the War against the Demiurge and the forces of Heaven, but over half the Annunaki refused to join the war itself. The Iron Legion annointed themselves in the holy enemy war rituals, they had become unified in the belief that the Creator God had not been the Creator, and was a false God. “The Demiurge must now Fall” was the only command ever given by Lucifer.

16. Modern weapons

The modern weaponry like that of the nuclear bombs was originally created by the likes of Annunaki.

17. Emotional upheaval

Human emotions of fright and resentment started to kick in and they turned away from the Annunakis to forge their own tools and life.

18. Easily offended

As the humans took charge of their own self, Annunaki’s had no reason to stay with them. They felt hurt and offended with this.

19. They are morally neutral

They believe in peaceful living and spirituality.

20. They are natural healers

Annunakis are greatly interested in the sciences, so they experimented on human bodies and souls in order to further perfect what they created once. They were the first to use souls to power relics.

21. Perfection or nothing

Annunakis do not accept anything less than perfect. The Annunaki descendants became the creators of the pyramids, Stonehenge, mermaids, Goliath, the Illuminati, and Merovingian, the Nagas of India and other historically magnificent places.

22. Quite corruptible

Annunakis can be easily corrupted with the desire for power.

23. Deep awareness

Annunakis are aware of the problems of the universe. They realize the darkness problems of humanity.

24. One Law

Annunakis united under the One Law after the war. Although they never truly believed in God as the creator.

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Image art was originally taken from Klaus Wittmann

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