If You Experience Half of These 26 Starseed Symptoms, It’s Due To Awakening & DNA Activation

Every individual has his/her own energy. All of us are cosmic beings and vibrate at different levels of energy. Due to the evolutionary process we all are experiencing change on a daily basis. We might not be able to understand all that is happening but we can feel it within our souls. Are we wrong?!

Here are some definite signs or symptoms which indicate that you went or are going through cosmic awakening:

1. You feel an intense surge of energy as if you’re in a pressure cooker. You don’t have to worry so much because you are going through a change and you are shedding old patterns. Give it some time and it will adjust on its own!

2. A feeling of being lost in life will grip you.

3. Random aches and pains will spring up in your body. You’re clearing blockages in order to gain higher level of vibration.

4. Troubled dream state. You wake up between 2-4 A.M. and can’t sleep properly.

5. But there are periods where you relax and enjoy a deep sleep.

6. Your sensitivity has suddenly increased. You are very much aware of your surroundings so becoming overwhelmed is only natural in such a case.

7. You don’t want to do anything except taking a pause and resting.

8. You have no tolerance for anything that is low on vibrations be it people, conversations or behavior.

9. You don’t feel like eating anymore.

10. Discord with existing friends and acquaintances. No need to worry because these people don’t match with your vibrations anymore and those who do will arrive soon.

11. Your emotions are on a roller coaster ride! Highs and lows will be there quite often.

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12. A desire to go home. There is a sense of un-belongingness that haunts you. There is a deep seated desire to return to the source to which you belong.

13. All this makes you feel as if you’re going insane and need psychiatric help.

14. An attack of anxiety and panic! Your ego is suffering and your behavioral patterns are changing on its own. You can’t seem to trust your actions and emotions.

15. And now depression hits you! Everything around you has changed or is changing day-by-day which is a really difficult thing to deal with.

16. Vivid and wild dreams. You are releasing all that lower vibrational energy now.

17. Change in life plans. You plan for something and it goes in a completely different direction. Your life is readjusting itself to the new and higher form of vibrational energy.

18. You are afraid because your soul is literally expanding and feeling all this is too much. Let your energy balance out itself!

19. You feel dizzy. It is because you are not completely grounded as of now. Eating grounding foods like meat and potatoes will help.

20. Fever, joint pains etc. will be common. Red rashes can also appear in case you are holding inside some issue and are not able to let it go.

21. A sensation of ringing in the ears and heart palpitations.

22. Your physical body vibrates and you experience muscle spasms. It is just that your body is adjusting to DNA upgrades that occur after emotional clearing.

23. A sense of tingling in hands and feet.

24. You feel tired and need sleep as your body requires complete rest in this process of transformation.

25. There will be some weight gain and the growth of hair and nails will be faster.

26. There could be frequent memory lapses but don’t get frustrated because of it.

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