Life is tough, but so are you! 26 Ways to Take Your Life Back when you’re Broken

Life is tough, but so are you!

Change is the only thing constant in our lives. No matter how hard it gets you must change in order to grow. If one continues to hold on to their rigid ideologies, one day, they will stop fitting into this ever-changing puzzle.

Here are twenty six ways you can re-claim your life:

#1: Get fit.

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

#2: Travel.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate and luxurious. Just a weekend getaway, or shifting to a new place.

#3: Think about the present most, the future next, and the past the least.

As Alfred mentioned, we only fall so we can learn to rise up again. Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes. Forgive yourself, move on.

#4: Meet new people.

New meetings lead to revealing new horizons. Some people will change the way you see life, and sometimes, a different pair of specs is all you need.

#5: Be open and honest.

Be spontaneous. Life is too short to live by a guidebook.

#6: Be cognizant of long-term health.

Don’t burn yourself out. Your wholesome well-being is worth more than a missed deadline or abandoned party.

#7: Be yourself in appearance.

Discard societal standards. If you want a rainbow pixie-cut hairstyle, get it done. If you’re comfortable with body hair, be the Godzilla. Don’t let anybody mold you.

#8: Walk away from negativity.

It could be a movie-trigger, a horrible instrumental, or a two-faced friend. Take your positivity and leave the wreckage behind.

#9: Allow yourself to release.

Allocate time to things that make you happy. Not everything in life deserves your attention.

#10: Reach out to new peers who have lived through similar experiences.

Community aids massively in the healing process. Learn from their survival stories.

#11: Take a week off (no travelling necessary).

Switch off. For 7 days, do whatever floats your boat. Breakfast in bed, Netflix marathons, and undisturbed sleep. Treat yourself.

#12: Throw some things out.

It’s therapeutic. A clean house makes your insides feel calmer. It will be a good exercise where you throw out bad memories.

#13: Strengthen your good relationships.

Make a priority list. Nurture the relationships that make you feel warm.

#14: Eat really healthy for a month.

Balanced diet is key. Make a chart, and force yourself to consume vegetables on a regular basis. It will work wonders on your health.

#15: Enroll in a course or workshop.

The best distraction lies in learning. It could be designing, dancing, writing, theatre, or anything at all. You could even avail online tutorials.

#16: Make and keep a budget.

It will help you get a stronger hold of your life, and feel more secure.

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#17: Seek validation.

Ask dear ones about how you’re coping. A third party’s point of view can help you see things more objectively.

#18: Base success on change, not outcome.

Baby steps. You do not have to leap into sainthood. Do whatever you can to affect positivity, and it will be enough.

#19: Learn a second language (or third, or fourth, etc.).

Duolingo is a brilliant app for the purpose. Every language explains the world in a different way, and will widen your mental horizon.

#20: Start a new, positive habit.

Charity begins at home. Start a small token of transformation, and you’ll see a domino effect of change.

#21: Be happier than you think or feel that you should be.

Our self-worth always needs a little pumping. Remember than you deserve the world.

#22: Make and keep boundaries.

Basic animal instinct. It’s okay to socialize and have a million friends. But never give all of yourself away.

#23: Eliminate a bad habit for at least three months.

It could be smoking, drinking, being mean, etc. Start with identifying ONE trait, and eliminating it. You’ll see your life change for the better.

#24: Do something that terrifies you.

Chase the fear, and overcome it. Scared of bungee-jumping? Make a professional throw you off a cliff (with a cord attached. Please don’t kill yourself.)

#25: Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

The world is out to get you, love. Be your own friend. Accept that you’re amazing.

#26: Be forgiving.

Not for them, or society, or anybody else. But for you. Anger is not the baggage you deserve to carry.

This article was originally inspired by Thought Catalog

The original image was taken from Maja Topcagic/500px

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