If You Notice Any of These 5 Signs, You’re Dealing With a Complete Narcissist

In a world as large as ours, we meet all sorts of people. One of the most toxic ‘breed’ among many are the narcissists. If you haven’t met one by now, chances are you’ll meet them soon enough.

They are everywhere, especially when you want them the least. They can be difficult to live with. They enjoy destroying other people’s confidence and render them feeling completely worthless. Worst of all, it is very difficult to recognize one.

Many times, it is too late before you recognize these toxic people. By this time, they may have already caused enough damage and exhausted your energy. You may consider these five warning signs to check if you’re dealing with any narcissists unknowingly:

1. They think they know everything and aren’t afraid to tell you.

The first sign of narcissists is that they’re the ‘know it all’ type of people. They honestly believe that they’re better than everyone else, no matter what. They have a strong need to prove their superiority in front of everyone in all the ways they can.

They HAVE TO offer (often unwanted) advice to people on subjects they’ve no idea about. They can lecture a historian about history and a dentist about teeth. The awful part of this is that they won’t have qualms about saying it on your face. Often, it is more in a condescending tone than a constructive one. If you notice this happening frequently in a relationship, chances are this person is a narcissist.

2. They’re never the rule, always the exception.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all unique in our own way. The thing is, if you compare yourself to others that you’re ‘better’ than everyone else you might fall in the group of the narcissist…

These people have an opinion that they’re ‘out’ of the world, hence nothing can define them. All the laws and dictates are only for other, ‘ordinary’ folks; not them. They feel they’re above the norms and boundaries of society and they expect others to overlook their own transgressions. After all, why should anything dictate over them? They’re ‘exceptions’.

3. They come off as great people at first, but slowly start to wear on you.

Most narcissists are extremely charming, enabling them to make a stunning first-impression on strangers. One reason behind this could be that narcissists have a deep craving to be praised and acknowledged. Therefore they will put a lot of effort initially to appear charismatic, confident and exciting.

Initially, this attracts a lot of people and seems appealing. But soon enough you will learn that they only exist for maintaining an appearance of perfection. They will force the attention to them and overtime you will notice this yourself.

4. They boost themselves up by bringing others down.

A narcissist hates competition. A narcissist will be easily threatened by anyone who does anything better than them. If they can’t beat them in performance, they use other methods. They get insulting and use underhand ways to pull them down. Others may agree that someone is the smartest person in the world and a narcissistic person would leave no stone unturned to somehow prove otherwise.

5. They have zero empathy.

One of the most accurate ways to discover a narcissist is to observe them. Especially how they treat those in trouble. They lack empathy. They embarrass people in public. They have no problem in breaking promises or even rules. They’re only concerned with their needs. They are good at pretending to appear compassionate but it all ends when it compromises their own comfort.

Beware of the narcissist. The biggest reason is that you will be completely no one to them. As a matter of fact, you will be one thing to the narcissist: nothing with ears. They love people who listen to them, but hate when someone opposes their way of thinking.

If you want to be a better person tomorrow accepted in a community, just stay away from these people. Period.

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