Here are 7 reasons why you should never hold your Farts in Again

Most of us are ashamed of even using the word fart in public, let alone undertake the activity. The fear of judgement overpowers our absolutely natural need to pass gas. Keeping this in mind, let me tell you why farting is important/healthy.

Regular farting is a sign of a properly functioning digestive system. Flatulence is generally caused by eating carbohydrates and dairy products.

There is a general belief that women don’t fart but studies show that the two sexes are at par with each other in this aspect, too, among others.

Stop holding your farts in, because farting IS good for you, and here’s why:

1. Reduces bloating

When gas builds up and you feel too stuffed in your clothes, considering cracking an air biscuit, as Jake from Two and a Half Men would say.

2. Helps you maintain your diet

Farts will help you assess your diet. You are likely to pass smellier gas when you eat too much meat as compared to when you eat carbohydrates, which will make your farts odourless.

3. Eases your abdominal pain

Holding in your gas for too long can cause pain in your abdominal cavity which is known as distension. This pain can be relieved by passing wind and freeing yourself from the accumulated gas.

4. Colon health

Holding in your farts and trying to manoeuvre the way your farts pass can cause your haemorrhoids to inflame and cause unbearable pain, so it’s always advisable to not hold in your farts and let it flow, for the sake of your body.

5. Smelling your farts is healthy

This might sound crazy but it is true. The hydrogen sulphide that is manufactured by our intestines helps preventing damage caused by mitochondria. This protects us from strokes and arthritis.

6. Recognizing Food Allergies

There are diseases that can be diagnosed by our farts, like the Coeliac Disease, lactose intolerance and so on. They can be diagnosed by our farts because these diseases will make us fart more.

7. It’s Pleasurable

Passing gas feels amazing. No other justification works in the favour of farts quite like this. Holding in farts causes discomfort, and who wants discomfort due to holding farts in when life comes with discomforts of its own?

If you are not convinced even after all the totally legitimate reasons I presented before you that make farting cool, I’ll give you a few more:

  • Eat slow and chew your food properly
  • Exercise
  • Cut down on artificial sweeteners and sodas
  • Make sure you don’t have any real diseases

Happy farting!

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