According To Shamans There Are 3 Main Causes of Our Diseases

Shamans are people who are able to channelize their spiritual energy in order to connect with a higher form of consciousness through which they heal those who are bodily or spiritually (internally or externally) wounded.

They are able to transcend the limitations of normal sense perception with their highly sharp intuitive abilities. This state of ‘high awareness’ can be achieved with strict and proper training which Shamans are able to leave behind their physical body and communicate with the spiritual world.

According to a Shaman, there is a clear distinction between the medicine of the body and the medicine of the spirit. Both are not the same, but they are complementary. If you cut your hand then it calls for some bodily medicine, while if you feel there is a negative energy around you then the Shaman will summon his/her spiritual powers to expel the negative energy.

Shamans believe in the cause and effect relationship. If your body gets sick or diseased then it must happen because of some factors that we cannot see clearly or are ignoring in the larger scheme of things. For Shamans, it is necessary to deal with the ‘root cause’ so that the physical body can be free of diseases.

According to the Shamans there are three primal causes for diseases to affect our body. These causes are not some external agents like microbes, viruses etc. Rather they are our internal states or how we feel on the inside.

The three states are:

1. Disharmony

This happens when we start feeling the sense of un-belongingness in our home and family environment. It could also happen when our loved one or partner dies. All this causes disharmony in your life because you are not able to make sense of your own life with respect to others. If you continuously feel like this then you lose your personal power and become an easy target for diseases.

Basically it have wreaked havoc inside your organism, so your ‘defense mechanism’ is not able to defend yourself anymore.

2. Fear

Fear kills, as you must have heard. If we have fear inside us, then it makes us vulnerable to many negative things in life. Usually we attract what we fear the most. Fear corrodes the efficiency of our immune system and if you are afraid of getting some disease, chances are that you eventually might.

Fear is only good when we face it. It will always be present, but the only reason it is here is to push us further than our psychical boundaries.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” ― C. JoyBell C.

3. Losing our soul

According to the Shamans this is the most serious cause of premature deaths of human beings. Interestingly, in the treaties of traditional medicine there is no reference to this cause. So let’s get to know more about what is soul loss and how it affects our body.

Soul loss is basically a serious and deep hurt to the heart of a person. It is a wound to his self, to his essence as a human being. It is what modern medicine would call trauma or PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). There is no single reason for soul loss to happen. It could occur due to anything – an ugly divorce, death of a loved one, assault and abuse, near death experience, miscarriage etc.

One of the drawbacks of Western medicine is that it has no cure for this. No amount of drugs or therapy could help a soul loss. That is why people look towards Shamans and healers when something terrible happens. Their highly aware spiritual state can understand what has happened to a person and what must be needed in order to make him/her well again.

For Shamans, healing is a step by step procedure:

1st step is where the Shaman gives power to the patient, basically increasing the power of the patient through some spiritual methods.

2nd step is where they diagnose the problem by finding the cause and effect relationship.

3rd step is where the healing actually begins.

4th step is where the lost soul is retrieved.

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Image taken from Alexander Nikolsky/Siberian Times

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