A Two-Minute Trick to Get out of Bed like Little Miss Sunshine!

Getting out of bed is the biggest hurdle that I face during my entire day.

I know there are people who wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world and things like that, but honestly that feeling is alien to me.

My mornings are full of snooze buttons, drooled upon pillows and still-tired eyes and body.

For the tortured souls who can feel my pain, I have good news!

There is a simple exercise you can perform, which would help in making you go from Captain Grumpypants to little Miss Sunshine in the morning. The best part of the deal, this little stretch can be performed on your bed – 2 extra minutes of bedtime. Win-Win!

First of all, sit up straight on your bed and take a deep breath. Pretty easy to do even if you feel groggy.

Start the stretch by interlacing your fingers, pushing your palms outwards and your back in the opposite direction. Very gently move your head from left to right. Stay like this for 10 seconds.

Stretch your arms upwards to extend your upper body to its full height. Gently nod your head up and down while you do this for 10 seconds. Then drop your hands.

Interlace your fingers behind your back, and push out your chest. You will feel your shoulder blades squeezing together. Then drop your hands on the bed and lean back, so that you are sitting on your wrists, stay like this for 10 seconds.

Now, while sitting up straight, place one leg in front of you and the other behind. Make sure they are open at a 90-degree angle. Fold your bent legs forward and hold for another 20 seconds.

Stretch your body by pushing the torso away from the leg which is in front. Also push the corresponding arm over your head, try reaching out to the wall. Hold for 20 seconds.

Now do the last two steps with the other side. Will take another 40 seconds.

For the final step, place both your feet in front of you, and stretch them in front of you. Gently lean forward and try to hold the bottom of your leg for 10 seconds. This stretch is great to release the hamstrings.

The stretch is now complete and you can get out of bed (with 2 extra minutes in it). You will notice that your body will not resist the first touch of the cold floor as bad as usual. The reason is because this stretch makes the blood flow in our body after the rest. This makes the transition from inactive to active state much easier and less jarring and sudden. Try this for a few days and you will definitely feel the difference it brings in your early morning attitude. Not too difficult or time consuming to follow, is it?!

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