According to Science Happier People have these 9 things in common

We’re all in pursuit of happiness.

We as a race are beginning to value mental peace. Happiness surveys are taking the world by storm, and leaders are preaching kindness. The causes which sustain the well-being of society are being hailed like never before.

Happiness is related to Biology. Yes, you heard me right. Around 60% of it is related to genes and circumstance. The silver lining, however, is the 40% we have at our disposal. It is left at our behest and our choice. Treat it wisely.

As we grow up, we figure out the patterns of a happy life. The thoughts, behaviors, and activities, which helps us become a better person.

This post enlists 9 such behaviors which will propel you into bliss.

1. Friendship is supremely important. You can never be too busy for friends. You don’t have to be best friends with everybody. Even acquaintances can leave a lasting impact on you. Surround yourself with people who vibe well with you. Both of you will benefit off each other’s energies.

2. Sit still. Staying rooted is extremely important in finding peace. Meditating will help you retrieve yourself from your mind’s chaos, and calm you down. I stand the risk of sounding like most parents, but this is actually backed by research. Practice stillness.

3. Spend money on happiness. It has been discovered that using resources to fund outings, or gatherings, brings you more happiness than purchasing an Ikea lamp shed. Invest in the right things; ones that bring you a lasting sense of fulfillment. You could have a million carpets, ten thousand bed covers, or even the world’s best sofa set. But if you lack happiness, does any of it really matter?

4. Health is happiness. Exercise is not just about losing weight or fitting into your prom suit/dress. Research proves that running regularly releases several toxins that help you feel calmer. Remember, a sick body attracts sick vibes.

5. Preach kindness. Being a good human being isn’t a very difficult job. Honestly, the world really needs more of them. Be kind, not only because it makes somebody else’s day, but because I promise it will make yours. Make your friend a card on their birthday. Call a schoolmate you haven’t met in years. “Love is something that if you give it away, you end up having more.”

6. Look up from your cell phone. You will be surprised to see all the beauty you have been missing out on. People who slow down to reflect on good things in their lives report being more satisfied. Stand on the sidewalk, smell the blossoms, watch how the trees make funny faces at a passersby. Disconnect, in order to connect with yourself. It makes you a wholesome human being.

7. Work hard to support your mental health. Research states that an income of $75,000 per annum makes for a superior stage of well-being. The exact digits depend on your living standards, but you get the drift. Hustle hard enough to not lose your inner peace over paying bills.

8. Money isn’t everything. The clock will run out, irrespective of who you are. So, don’t be the person who spent all of their life amassing wealth instead of actually living. Buy one carpet less. Downgrade to a one bedroom apartment. But if that leaves you with more hours to yourself, the sacrifice is worth it.

9. Solitary is strong, but not the happiest of choices. A phenomenal experiment observed a group of men for over 70 years. The results clearly stated that the ones who invested in meaningful and supportive relationships ended up with a greater quality of contentment in life. Man is a social animal, and there is no escaping it.

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