Are you Mentally Strong or just Acting Tough? And why Acting Tough can hold you back…

We all know that acting tough and being actually strong are very different concepts. Some of us often confuse these concepts not only in definition but also in real life. We use them interchangeably and imperceptibly in our behavior patterns. That is absolutely problematic.

Acting tough means that you behave as if you are tough. You may think that you look strong if you act tough but you may deceive the people around you. What you don’t realize is that you are also deceiving yourself as you are denying yourself to feel emotions that you must surely feel in order to maintain a good emotional health.

The reality of the matter is that you aren’t going to be truly successful if you are merely acting tough. You have to be strong enough from within to deal with the problems of this world to start walking the path less crowded.

But most of us don’t understand this.

We are here to help you out. Here are some differences between acting tough and being strong:

1. Tough people believe failure is never an option.

Tough people understand failure and they know how to deal with it. They know that failure is a part of life and is inevitable. Thus, they are able to deal with it in a better way. They bounce back quickly after falling down and more importantly, they learn the lesson from their failure so they make sure to never make it again.

2. Self-portrayals of toughness mask insecurities.

Now the thing is that when you are busy acting tough you forget the gap between what is real and what is a show because you are putting up a show for people. In this process, you forget to work on your weaknesses. But tough people don’t do this.

3. Tough people say, “I can do anything.”

Tough people believe in themselves and have faith that they can do what they want to. This faith comes from a place in their heart where they aren’t over-confident. They are highly aware of their strengths and they also work on their insecurities. They are confident enough for anything.

4. Acting tough involves pride.

Somebody who is mentally tough will also be humble and down to earth. On the other hand, people who are acting tough have a lot of pride to deal with. They are involved in looking after their ego and they associate their self worth to the whole idea of being tough. Now, humble people surely go a long way…

5. Tough people suppress emotions.

When you are acting tough, it may be fine for a short period of time. But after a while, acting tough is super hard because you are hiding your emotions all the time. Those emotions are collecting at some place and someday they are bound to affect you. You can even accumulate enough stress on your body to have anxiety attacks.

Being tough means that: you are aware of your emotions. Also, you are more aware of how to deal with them at the same time.

6. Tough people thrive on power.

People who act tough try to control the people around them. But, being tough means that you have the ability to control yourself. If you are able to control yourself completely, everyone around you will be under your control automatically. You don’t have to exert power in order to be powerful.

7. Acting tough is about tolerating pain.

People assume that if they are able to tolerate pain, then they are powerful and strong. Not true. Learning from pain makes you tough and strong. You have to see the hidden lesson behind the pain.

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