Be Alone Until You Find Someone Who Actually Gives A Sh*t About You

Being single is not as bad as people around us make it sound like. It most certainly isn’t the worst thing that can happen to someone and does not define anything, its significance is limited only as far as your relationship status.

Singlehood is a way better option than settling for people who are not good enough for you or don’t make you feel wanted or needed because when you date people just for the sake of dating, in the end, you end up hating yourself for putting yourself through a relationship that ultimately meant nothing. The most important part of adult life and accepting who you are as a person is getting comfortable with your own company and being single helps you in doing exactly that. There is no particular reason as to why being single should upset anyone as it is only as bad or as good as one makes it.

When you date someone, it should feel right and your significant other should not be all ‘jaw’ but should prove their affection in taking action too. Be single until someone makes an effort to be with you and shows you off to everyone they meet because you deserve to be loved exactly like that, and not an ounce less.

Wait for someone who cares about you enough to notice when you are sad but also gives you your space and does not suffocate you when you need some time on your own. Don’t date just anyone until they make you want to spend all your time with them and free your mind of questions like “does he/she really like me?”, because when someone really likes you, there will not be any mixed signals and you would not have to scratch your head trying to interpret what they mean when they say certain things.

Don’t give your heart to someone who is not bothered by your absence and misses you even when they are in their happiest state of mind and not just when they are lonely. Don’t give your heart to someone who has no regard for your feelings and dislike, and takes you for granted just because they know that you love them.

Date someone who helps and makes you want to be a better person, helps you let go of your insecurities and understands your complexes and settle for nothing less. Be alone until you are made to feel important and loved every minute of the day.

Stay single until you meet someone who actually cares about you and treats you right. Love is anything but settlement so don’t settle just because you’re afraid of being alone, we are all meant to find someone perfect and until that happens, love yourself and be alone, let nobody treat you badly.

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