Harvard Offers Free Online Course on Buddhism That You Can Take Right Now

Buddhism is a religion and dharma that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha. Buddhism originated in Ancient India sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. (source)

Buddhism has indeed reached out to millions of people around the world because of its simplicity and authenticity. It has personally helped me to get my s*it together when getting my s*it together seemed impossible.

Because getting ones s*it together is pretty important in the oh-so frantic world today, Harvard University offers a free online course on Buddhism! The course in Buddhism called Buddhism Through Its Scriptures. Although there are 2 sides to this, one good and one bad… The course has already been archived and no longer interactive BUT you can still access it if you register! Registration is free, after which you will have access to all the supplemental materials and resources the course has!

Professor Charles Hallisey is the man who presents the course, a professor at Harvard’s Divinity School. He is considered an authority in Buddhism and a published author. He published a book on Buddhism in 2015 which spotlight the poems of Buddhist women.

This incredible guy also teaches the Yehan Numata program on Buddhist Literature. Yehan Numata is the founder of the multinational Mitutoyo Corporation and a strong supporter of Buddhism.

Buddhism Through Scriptures states:

Whether you are new to the study of Buddhism or have been studying it or practicing it for years, this course will provide you with the opportunity to become acquainted with a variety of Buddhist teachings while guiding you to think about them, and yourself, in new ways.

Through a combination of carefully selected readings, both scriptural and informational, as well as exposure to various forms of Buddhist practice such as art, devotional acts, and literary works, you will learn how to interpret, reflect upon, and apply the teachings of the Buddha to your own life and deepen your understanding of Buddhism.

Professor Hallisey immediately noted that he did not want to explain the “right” way to interpret Buddhist scriptures, but to inspire open-mindedness and acceptance of different perspectives.

He also added that these different perspectives are what divide people but he hopes that through this course, there will be an open discourse that will encourage acceptance.

The course will take 4 weeks of your life (6-10 hours each week) but offers a lot in return!

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