Each of These 12 Keys Have the Access to Deeper Dimensions of Life and the Universe

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong here, with the humans? Does home feel like home to you? Are you always searching for a purpose in your life?

The modern age is the age of mechanized production. We all are on a strict timeline and here comes technology to “help us” save our time and resources. The rush of the days is hardly noticed by anyone because money, power and prestige have blinding effects on people. Everyone is chasing something. Everyone is pretending to be busy because that is what this age demands from you.

While we are lost in this maze of endless desires and wants, we lose track of things that are truly important. We lose sight of our inner self that is screaming to find respite in this maniacal world. We do not give proper attention to our deeper self which gets affected more than our physical self. Every heartbreak, deceit, loss and disappointment affects us internally and affects our spirits adversely.

We need to be alert of the deeper dimensions in our life because they are equally important. But how could we possibly access them?

Here are 12 ‘key’ that have the access to Deeper Dimensions of Life and the Universe:

Key #1. You are lost in this world of materiality and are searching for your true self.

Key #2. Your mind can never be able to access the Truth. You will only be able to find it in the deep recesses of your heart where nothing but silence and love prevails.

Key #3. Stop with all the thinking and analyzing! Just stop for a moment and let your brain have some time off! You need to let yourself be completely relaxed instead of obsessing over finding the Truth or enlightenment.

Key #4. You will find the Flow of Life when your mind is completely calm and peaceful. So let things be.

Key #5. Now this state is the state of awakened consciousness. Only in this state you can find the Flow of Life and start connecting with the higher dimensions in life.

Key #6. This awakened state will make you realize more than your conscious thoughts and desires. Your consciousness expands to the world of the unknown and you will experience new things.

Key #7. This alertness will make us connect with the One. We will realize the interconnectedness of everything in life and this sense of Oneness will bring enlightenment along with it.

Key #8. Your awakened self will be like a blazing fire which consumes the world of isolation that is around you.

Key #9. But you need to be careful because this awakened state can turn out to be pretty overwhelming at times. If you let it control you completely then it can destroy your calm and can hamper with your spiritual growth and development.

Key #10. When you are awakened, you realize what you have been missing out the entire time. You will realize how you were living a robotic life where you only listened to the dictates of your brain. You will see things clearly now!

Key #11. You will also realize where true happiness comes from. It comes from within you! You are the existence and survival of your own happiness. You cannot depend on others for that.

Key #12. The most important realization that will come with this awakening is that of gratitude. You will be grateful for all the experiences you had, people you have in your life and all the blessings you received from others.

Which key do you hold in your hand now?

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