Here’s What You Really Need To Know About Getting Divorced

Divorce is a media favourite, and is often the one topic that rules every tabloid. The sensationalism around divorce is baffling and makes us ignore what we really need to know about divorce, so here goes a small list of the things that we cannot disregard at any cost.

1. Divorce is most likely to happen after vacation and holiday seasons:

If you feel like your marriage is rocky, a holiday is a good way to find out where it is actually stands but it obviously comes with risks (read: a divorce, ha!). It is a rather depressing fact that the most number of divorces are recorded just after summer and Christmas holidays, but numbers don’t lie.

2. The younger you marry, the more likely you are to divorce:

Statistics can be pretty heart breaking and a good amount on this particular topic is saddening as it says that 59% of women who marry at 18 are likely to divorce their partners but, happy news, the rate drops by a good 36% when women marry after 20. These first divorces often spew bad luck on the following marriages as 67% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

3. Social media and the internet have increased the rates of divorce:

Studies show that p0rn is one of the foremost reasons that cause divorces and objectively speaking, porn has been around as long as social media has. Sometimes people find their old lovers on Facebook and Tinder and that wreaks havoc in marriages.

4. Men and women view divorce very differently:

Men and women both approach relationships very differently, also viewing marriages and divorces in a way that is no way similar to each other. Men tend to be quick in cases of divorce whereas women take time to understand and work on their emotions. It is essential that married couples communicate.

5. Divorce legal fees are very expensive – consider mediation:

Meditation is one of best calming agents there can be and would help divorcing couples reconcile their differences instead of spending huge amounts of money. Meditating would save you not just the hurt that comes with divorce but also the huge bill that follows the procedure.

6. Tell your children about divorce the right way:

One of the most pressing factors that divorce puts is dealing with your children and how you break the news to your children. Children are sometimes worse affected by divorce than the couple that is getting divorced, so treat the matter sensitively.

7. It is true: Love makes you blind:

One of the other main causes of divorce are the tall and unrealistic promises couples make at the beginning of a relationship that fizzle out in time and makes you question why you began the relationship in the first place. When the reality sets in, all the fairytale like romance goes for a toss and the need for practicality surfaces.

8. Divorce rituals do exist:

This sounds like a strange concept but it definitely is a thing. Some couples choose to watch their favourite movie together, or listen to “their song” or revisit the places that they held dear to themselves.

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