If You Experience Any of These 15 Signs You Have Successfully Merged Your Darkness and Light

Much like the world cannot operate without ‘day’ and ‘night’, we too are given to darkness and light. You cannot survive by forsaking either one. In order to find calm, we must arrive at equilibrium. No human being can ever be completely evil, or completely good.

Through out our lives we are forced to choose a single path; either black or white. But sometimes, the gray is necessary.

For example: When you lose an opportunity, instead of breaking down, try understanding the possible reasons why it happened. Maybe something better is in store for you. Maybe that experience would’ve led you to harm. Defeat also teaches you a lot about who you are. Listen, and learn.

Some of you must have reached the ‘grey-spot’ already. To be sure, tick off options from this chart:

1. You and your partner can happily co-exist. Your relationship isn’t one of resignation, or hatred. The friendship you share is very strong.

2. Once you are a balanced human being, it begins to reflect in your surroundings. So, your bonds with other people mature too.

3. You lose your sense of superiority. No longer an egomaniac, you operate a lot more calmly.

4. Your goals have changed. This mostly happens because you understand the superficiality of certain things that erstwhile seemed important.

5. Scapegoat-ing is not your forte. You are introspective when you face obstacles. All the answers lie within.

6. The thing about understanding this world is that you lose your capability of being mean. When you see the amount of suffering that your fellow humans have undergone, you start preaching kindness.

7. Somehow, you have identified with the latent energy that courses through all our veins. So, you can interact with people at a more personal level, without seeming intrusive.

8. You find rainbows in broken shards of glass. You choose to see the goodness in all humans, instead of harping on the negativity. The gloom of this world cannot overpower you.

9. You do not fear facing yourself, or anybody else for that matter. You are a responsible human being, and own up to whatever you choose to do. You do not hide behind a shadow of pretense or escapism. This is your life, and you are in control.

10. You have made peace with your demons. They do not haunt you anymore. It is only when we run away from the truth of our own selves, that they get a stronger grip on us.

11. You do not partake in make-believe. Cheap entertainment in the form of films, parties, etc, does not call out to you. You have risen above that need.

12. You notice the birds of fortitude and coincidence. Even if life does not come to you in the form of mathematical equations, you are more perceptive to the meaning behind the events in your life.

13. You think of the Earth fondly. The trees, the meadows, the flowers, all call out to your being. You find peace amidst the natural environment.

14. Your perspective of life has changed drastically. You do not look at people or things the same way anymore.

15. Holding a grudge isn’t your cup of tea. You understand human beings much better now and therefore let go of anger much more efficiently. It is but human to err.

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