The Mayan Zodiac Symbols, Names And Meaning – Which One Are You?

Most of the people who are interested in astrology and read their horoscope will be well aware about the Chinese zodiac signs. But do you know about the Mayan Horoscope? It is time to learn more about yourself and about the Mayan Horoscope.

Mayan Horoscope works on the basis of your date of birth according to the Mayan calendar. We have changed the dates for your convenience.

Take a closer look and know yourself better.

La Luna De Murcielago (The Moon of the Bat) – JUL 27 – AUG 22

You will be successful in what you wish to do. You can choose to do what you like and explore new opportunities as a leader but keep in mind that you will not be very good at taking decisions as you tend to be compulsive. All you need to learn is how to manage the opportunities coming your way. You can make some choices which may seem weird but will result in success later.

La Luna De Alacran (The Moon of the Scorpion) – AUG 23 – SEPT 19

The chief characteristic trait of the people born in this sign is that they are very intelligent. Your strong memory will help you get name and fame but it comes with its own sets of problems. You’ll not be able to forgive and forget the wrongs that others have done to you. You are a person who loves to be with one’s own self. You are private and shy.

La Luna Del Venado (The Moon of the Deer) – SEP 20 – OCT 17

You are a beautiful person. Your beauty is not limited to skin; it’s deeper. You always get a little late. You are very creative but are also very arrogant.

La Luna Dela Lechuza (The Moon of the Owl) – OCT 18 – NOV 14

You are very intuitive. People might not get you at first but as they learn more about you, they want to rely on you. Also, you have a very keen ability to come up with new ideas.

La Luna Del Pavo Real (The Moon of the Peacock) – NOV 15 – DEC 12

You are brilliant and get easily noticed by everyone. People around you can see your passion for things that you love. You want to be the best in everything, but it is not possible and thus you get disheartened.

La Luna Del Lagarto (The Moon of the Lizard) – DEC 13 – JAN 10

You are a little hard to describe, but you adjust to any new place easily. You trust new people and see the good side of humans.

La Luna Del Mono (The Moon of the Monkey) – JAN 11 – FEB 6

You are known for your physical and mental toughness. You love having fun with your friends. You are smart but you tend to get a little edgy at times.

La Luna Del Halcon (The Moon of the Falcon) – FEB 7 – MAR 6

For Mayan people, falcon is the most sacred animal. Thus you always have good luck. Your strong character and your ambition define you. You are aware of the responsibilities on you. But this responsibility can make you stressed and worried.

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La Luna Del Jaguar (The Moon of the Jaguar) – MAR 7 – APR 3

You are highly passionate and have opinions about the entire spectra of things. Even with all this energy, you work very systematically.

La Luna Del Zorro (The Moon of the Fox) – APRIL 4 – MAY 1

You like to do good for others without asking for any credit. You have good intentions and want to stay away from limelight.

La Luna Del La Serpiente (The Moon of the Snake) – MAY 2 – MAY 29

Contrary to the common connections with ‘Snake’, you are mature and love the people who are closest to you. You are a great friend and a tough rival.

La Luna Dela Ardilla (The Moon of the Squirrel) – MAY 30 – JUNE 26

You are great in delivering your message to the point. This makes you a good communicator and thus people are drawn to you. You find it easier to make new friends. But you tend to be influenced by others very easily.

La Luna Dela Tortuga (The Moon of the Tortoise) – JUN 27 – JUL 26

You take simple but strong steps to reach your goal. Your calm demeanor attracts many people but they do not know that your anger can be very scary.

These are the Mayan Signs along with their description, what do you think about them?

Share your views with us!

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