Every human being has these 11 Superhuman Abilities (but rarely use them)

All our lives we run after material gain because that’s how we are programmed to think and function.

We chase the “perfect life”, running in the rat race of so-called success that we all must have, at all cost. In this huff and puff, we leave our true self behind.

You start disregarding who your true self really is, but that does not mean that your true self loses its being. It arises at the most unexpected times, making you realise that you’re more than your material possessions and your job position.

You relate to, and enjoy watching and reading about superheroes because your true self finds a reflection of it in the Superhero.

Here are 11 superhero abilities that everyone possesses:

1. The Power of Awareness

Come alive, look around, and take your surroundings in, study other living beings. Be present in a way that you are aware of your surroundings. This is the state that will let you be your best self and accomplish things that you have always wanted to accomplish.

2. The Power of Choice

The only person that you are ever answerable to is yourself. The title you have at work or the hierarchy you are supposed to follow does not mean anything. Here comes the superpower of choice.

It is untrue, every time someone says that they do not have a choice. There is always a choice, intrinsically. To live your life a certain way or the other, each day, is essentially a choice you make.

3. The Power of Originality

You are as “you” and therefore, as original as you can get. Don’t spend your valuable time trying to be someone you are not, disregarding your soul and spirit. You are not just a mark; you exist because the Universe feels it’s necessary for you to. You are not a result of a trial and error method. You are the ultimate, unique, original spirit moving around in a human body.

4. The Power of Purpose

We possess the power to create purpose out of the void that life really is. We make sense of the energy that is around us, freely suspended, we make utility from it. This power helps us find our piece of the sky, our place in the big picture and find our way in life.

5. The Power of Honesty

Honesty is directly related with courage. You need to be courageous to understand reality in its truest form and find your place in it. Be honest with yourself, about your sadness and your happiness, accept what is really is.

Most of all, be honest with people, as much as you can. Honesty always comes before distrust. Even if it doesn’t seem like that on the first sight, it is always the one that wins in the end.

6. The Power of Spirit

Spirituality does not have much to do with religion. It is not about conformity. Spirituality is you finding something that you worship, something that makes you bow your head in respect. You must realise that how small you are, in respect to what you worship, and how big that makes you. Spirit and faith can move mountains.

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7. The Power of Courage

We all know how superheroes wear masks, hiding their faces.

Ever wonder why? Is it really a secret or are they afraid of greatness?

They wear masks to secure their identity, but what they really hide is their weaknesses, their desires, their hopes, their dreams, the things that expose them, that make them human. If the world knew who they really were they would become vulnerable. They could be hurt.

Metaphorically speaking, a real superhuman in this world means that you must take off your mask and show your true identity, and have courage enough to expose yourself and face your biggest fears. Only then you will be free.

You need to bare everything, and realise that flaunting your battle scars only makes you beautiful.

8. The Power of Healing

You might not know this, but you have the power to heal yourself, by the knowledge of self, which can be achieved if you follow the what we said in #1. Your pain is a message to you to look for what is causing you to be unwell, and not just treat your symptoms.

Pain is major factor in our evolution. It did signalize what was spiritually and physically wrong with us. Without pain we wouldn’t survive as species. From there, the power to heal was born.

9. The Power of Resilience

Understand that it is in your hands to do things you really want and not give up until you have it. Resilience is your only way out of the darkness that life throws at you. Hold on to your faith and power through.

10. The Power of Creativity

Creativity is the source of unending energy that lets you run free with your ideas. It is the basic form of life and the driving force that pushes people forward.

Logic will take you from A to B, creativity will take you everywhere!

11. The Power of Love

The rest of the superpowers don’t matter much if not tied with love. Love is the ultimate superpower there can be, it is the primal force of being. It is the foremost element in the Universe. And once you understand love, you will understand the Universe.

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