The New Moon in Virgo will result in New You. Here’s how the Changes will Impact your Life

Virgo will have a New Moon on 20th September 2017. Puzzled? Astrologers think that with a new moon there’s a chance that you’ll achieve what you’ve been longing for.

Here’s the catch: the sign that houses the moon will determine the nature of goals that you should set. The September moon will help virgos to reinvent themselves and to make the most of it, you need to make little adjustments.

Virgo is a very misunderstood sign – it’s easy to label them as (pardon my word) pricks because they are perfectionists. However, they can use energy diligently, work meticulously and plan precisely. A Virgo knows how little things create a better big picture and strive to achieve it. They appreciate anyone who has an eye for details and celebrate their accomplishments like no other. The potent opportunity of the new moon can be utilized by following these small steps:

1. Take the healthy way

Virgo is linked directly to the sixth house which is related to work of all kinds – be it personal or professional. Most of the time, they feel weighed down by responsibilities and fail to enjoy life. So much pressure can take a toll on your health if you don’t take care of yourself. Being fit is the mantra to a more productive life. With the rush of motivation that the new moon brings, take time out and plan a self care regime.

2. Find new alleys: Research your life

Make a comprehensive list of the things that take up your time. Mark the ones that make you happy and strike off the ones that don’t. Now, look at the list and think what you can do with the extra time. Certain things are strenuous. See how you can indulge more in the activities that don’t tire you out. Get your priorities right and stick to the plan.

You might want to find new ways of excelling in what you do. Research, rethink and re-evaluate. For example, if you wish to grow your hair and need holistic supplements, see a doctor and find what’ll help. Follow a healthy diet and take the necessary vitamins to get the results.

3. De-clutter

Eliminating the unnecessary waste can help in conserving energy on both global and personal levels. With the new moon in the Virgo house, think about what is holding you back or wasting your energy and get rid of it. It may be the presence of toxic people who don’t inspire you and at times actually de-motivate you. Distance yourself from such people and focus on expanding the horizons of your life. Often, such people too need a push to realize they can change their own lives.

Embrace these changes over the next few months and keep a record. The journey of your progress will help you do better. Take a chance and see what is in store for you.

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