This Man 176 Pounds In Under A Year By Following These 3 Steps

Thanks to social media, we are swamped with images of ideal, aesthetic bodies. However, it requires a lot of will power and even more mental strength. Getting healthy is no joke. Strength alone won’t do any good to your body; you need a motivation that drives you towards your fitness goal. Andy Albertson is one such example who altered his mindset and successfully lost a lot of weight.

Andy Albertson’s weight loss story

317 pounds is a scary number. For someone who has struggled with weight gain for so long, it’s a great deal to change your life around. All his school years, Andy or “Andypolis” was bullied and teased by most. The fact that some thought he was as big as a city is scary enough for most of us.

It’s not like Andy was always overweight. He used to be rather active during his childhood, playing soccer or basketball like most kids. It was since grade five when his poor diet and sedentary lifestyle started this rapid weight gain. Soon enough, even well-meaning people like his teachers started calling him out for eating something.

One can only imagine what self-esteem issues a kid would have because of it!

The bullying never really stopped. At 240 pounds, the only comfort for Andy seemed to be food. As you know about this vicious cycle, it does no good whatsoever. One eats when they are sad and once you’ve eaten, you now feel terrible for giving in to food again.

Like his school years, his college was spent in hiding and avoiding people. He had given up on what people thought. But somehow, he couldn’t accept the way he looked.

Andy’s Weight Loss Journey

It all started in January 2015. For one whole hour, Andy would use the elliptical at the gym. Immediately, he noticed changes in himself. In the first month alone he lost a whopping 20 pounds. Later, he lost 40 more.

Mental Block #1

After losing 60 pounds, Andy’s progress reached a halt due to a mental block. To stop the weight from returning, he consulted his personal trainer Jerry Hughes. Hughes made a different and a stricter workout regime involving strenuous workout thrice a week along with cardio every day. The results? The overall loss of 24 inches!

Mental Block#2

After the first block, Andy worked so hard that he lost overall 140 pounds. Andy’s weight loss goal, which was 170 pounds, was pretty close. Yet, he couldn’t continue.

This time too, Hughes’ continuous support reminded Andy of how far he had come on his journey to health.

Andy’s success story proves that how important it is to have someone who keeps us motivated. They are the reminders of our hidden potential which is not only used for holding us accountable but also important for overcoming numerous mental blocks.

Andy’s 3 Steps for Success:

1. Do the research

Get your facts regarding nutrition and health right! Make right dietary choices with what you’ve got. You can check out  the 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan And Lose 30 LBS, and The Boiled Egg Diet – Lose 24 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks, but i firmly advise you to check many more on Google.

2. Have a buddy

It’s always better to have someone with you on a journey. For Andy, it was his mother. Along with him, she too made drastic changes in her diet and routine. This was very effective in keeping him going.

So find some guiding partner. In the hardest moments, it’s that persons energy that will keep you going.

3. Give it a shot

Don’t give up without trying. Until you really get up and change something, nothing will change. The world is changed by doers, be one of them and start with yourself!

Hit the gym and see the changes!

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