“Colour Psychology” – What Your Favorite Colour Reveals About Your Personality

All of us have favourites and preferences when it comes to colours but you never really think much about why you like blue so much and your best friend can’t get over a particular shade of pink.

Liking a colour has more to do with your personality than what you think. Colour psychology is a legitimate thing and claims that your favourite colour says a lot about your personality and how you look at life and perceive things.

Following is a list of some common colours and what your liking towards them says about you!


People who like black tend to be deep thinkers. You are an intelligent being with an inherent sense of responsibility and ethics. You might come across as a little mean and difficult to approach, but you are actually busy having everything under control.


White is known to all of us as a symbol of a purity and peace. If you like white you are moving towards a change in your life, a transformation that will help you calm your mind and cleanse your soul.


Purple lovers tend to be great practitioners and appreciators of art. They express themselves through it. People who like purple are dreamers and do-gooders who dream of a perfect world, free from pain and war.


Studies show that blue is the most common favourite colour. Blue lovers are opinionated and are in touch with their emotions. People who like blue tend to be really driven individuals who are successful and secure in life.


People who gravitate towards the above mentioned shade are generally social butterflies, but not in the shallow sense of the term. They enjoy the better things in life and have a penchant for luxury. They tend to feel a constant need for validation and approval. Due to being really socially poised, they never show the stress they might be going through.


If you like green then you’re likely to put a lot of importance on what your standing in society is and how recognized you are. You are stable and like maintaining a standing in the society.


Lovers of yellow are positive, hard working people. They are organised and follow a pattern when they are working and make sure that everything goes according to plan. They are not particularly shy but might come off as uninterested and detached.


It has been noted that people who like orange have been perceived to be social and friendly. They enjoy being in relationships and friendships and engaging in debates and discussions. They like being part of big groups and clubs.

9. RED

Extroversion is generally associated with red. People who gravitate towards red are full of life and energy. Red also comes with shades of aggression (pun intended). Red lovers might be moody and judgmental at times but generally have pure hearts.

10. PINK

Pink has always been related to femininity and conventional feminine traits, like sensitivity, generosity and care giving. People who like pink tend to get attached to people easily and are very caring and warm.


People who are drawn to brown are extremely hard working and have a very structured approach to life. They are straightforward and patient.

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