10 Shocking Facts about Society that we Foolishly Accept as Normal

Sometimes I think we are on the highway to hell.

Every time I turn my TV on, I either want to ditch myself away to some alien land, or just about raze this world to the ground. There are illogical battles plaguing the Earth, incidents of abduction, property-deaths, diseases, and so on. While some of it is clickbait, to lure the audience and maintain TRP (Television Rating Point), there is a lot of truth to it. Like they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Michael Ellner once summed this up by saying that we’re all turning on ourselves. Nature is capsizing, and we have reversed the normal order of things. Doctors negatively impact the vitals of a patient for a profit motive, lawyers are overfed with bribes, psychologists have forgotten sensitivity, scientists distort revelations, newspapers are biased, religion exploits innocent minds in the name of the divine, and ultimately, the government has forgotten about human rights.

Whatever we start in order to contribute to the progress of civilization, ends up backfiring. We cut trees to provide more homes to the inhabitants of this planet, and ended up causing the dangerous issue of deforestation.

If we trace our actions back to several years ago, we will also find the solution to the biggest problems we face right now. It is impossible to ride a Time Machine and change the past, but it still isn’t too late to mend our ways. What can we do to save this world from dying, and from taking us with it?

Some people at The Free World Charter assimilated a chart of things we wrongly believe is natural in society.

1. We pay too much attention to climbing the social ladder, through riches. The country is more focused upon the revenue it earns than the number of poverty-stricken citizens who go to sleep with an empty stomach. We have forgotten that the basics of air, clean drinking water, nutritious food, and safe environment should be available to everybody. The fortunate among us who do possess these, are stupid enough to take it for granted.

2. Our economy, or the international policies is not mutually beneficial to everybody on this planet. We forget about the ones who lose out on basic amenities because of our fight for power. When larger and more powerful countries trade, the smaller countries are oppressed regularly. They pay through their teeth for the luxuries of First World nations, while their own people fight starvation.

3. The land of the Earth used to be a huge united mass. In trying to make it geographically viable, we have cut it up into countries, states, and cities. Soon, this became less of a method of convenience and more a cause of difference. Our patriotic blood has forgotten that we are all one. The land we live on, is the same land, just called by different names.

4. It is not okay to murder innocent souls in the name of your country. It is absurd that an act of mass slaughter raises an idealistic emotion amongst some people. Just frequently the mass shooting in Vegas made a worldwide mess! When two countries go to war, nobody wins. The casualties on either side are a sign of the defeat of humanity. Being a corporal might be a source of pride. But murdering somebody in cold blood? How do you sell that as desirable?

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5. Animals are beings too. I cannot stress this enough. We murder them for their body parts. Doesn’t it sound weird? Imagine a dog killing you for your pelvic bone. Did you cringe? Then why do we do that to animals all over the world? Because they can’t speak, or communicate through a language humans built for themselves? How do you justify murder?

6. Nobody ever gives too much thought to the school curriculum. They accept it as it is. Children are force-fed information that they will not need in real life. Life skills are never a priority in school, and so children emerge highly unequipped to deal with the world at large.

7. Raising a child is an extremely expensive affair. We press unnecessary charges on unassuming parents who just want the best their child. I dare say, child-raising has become something of a competition. The provisions they are furnished with become a point of serious contention.

8. We use religion for all the things it shuns. We have too many different Gods being interpreted in too many questionable ways. We accept everything at face value, letting our own beliefs tears us apart. Violence, discrimination, hatred, even ethnic cleansing- we can justify everything with religion’s excuse. God, today, is used for all but the one thing he/she preached: peace.

9. Sentimentality is looked down up, as baseless and weak. Strength, today, lies in inhuman behavior and the capability to belittle your fellow humans. Strength lies in competition, and the survival of the fittest. In the entire process to prove ourselves great, we’ve forgotten what it takes to be human.

10. Inventions are not wrong. If you have worked hard to build something, it is only natural that you get to reap the benefits of it. However, in chasing ownership in this capitalist era, we stop sharing important developments that could potentially help the rest of the world too. We forget that our well-being is not the only one that matters.

What Would Your World Look Like?

Think about how you would want to build your planet. What are the changes you would make? What are the establishments you would retain, and why? Question traditions, and build an imagine of a place you would want to live in. Hopefully, one day, we’ll get there.

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