If You See Even Half The Signs On This List In Your Man, You Know He Really Into You

Mind you, there are other things too. Just saying.

Now fasten your cheesebelts, here comes the cheese. Oh wait, seatbelts.

1. He is protective of you

Ever seen him holding the umbrella above your head when it’s too sunny/rainy outside? Or heard him leave you texts like “Carry your water bottle, it’s so hot out”?

There you have it.

2. He is proud of you and is proud of himself for getting to be with you

Your achievements are never your own.

And you are his medal, a culmination of a lifetime of possibly bad dating choices, finally ending in the meeting with you.

3. Romance is always on his mind

He is not there to get into your pants. At least not just.

There is a connection that makes you a part of his day-to-day life and we all know the magic lies in the mundane.

4. He will go out of his way

When in a dilemma of choice, he will choose being with you than whatever activity he had planned out for himself. Always.

5. Surprise!

He will try and surprise you with the smallest of things, just to see the precious look on your face. THAT look means the world for him.

Be it things like buying a tiny pendant for you or say cooking for you if you are down, he will put in effort.

6. Important dates are always remembered

Ever heard your boyfriend remember the day you two first held hands? Yes? That’s it.

Ever seen him suggest you go out on the same date every month just because it corresponds to your first date? Yes? That’s it.

(We try to go grab lunch on the 24th of every month ourselves)

7. He will always lend a helping hand

Whenever you catch a cold and don’t feel like going to the market, do groceries arrive in the kitchen magically? Well, those aren’t elves at work you know.

8. Bed space

Do you hog up half the bed despite being like a leprechaun? And he doesn’t complain? Yes?

Great. Again, there you have it.

9. R. E. S. P. E. C. T

This is the “cornerstone of every nutritious” relationship.

Mutual respect is what makes it a relationship in the first place.

Ever seen him listen to what you say, carefully, and agree with you while discussing something?

Yes? Isn’t it obvious now?

Men, listening? Isn’t really rocket science.

10. He listens to you

Have any of one of you read Stephen King’s IT? If not, read it, it’s brilliant. Also read it for the reason behind Audra’s liking Bill.

He “listened […] and spoke slowly.”

Men are never designed to be discerning listeners. They just aren’t. Women are meant to be discerning and even minute in their observations; it has something to do with the fact that Neanderthal women were the ones who gathered the food and needed to be alert.

When a man, who has spent his life browsing, stops, listens, tries to understand and discuss the point with you, and more than often end up agreeing with you, I am sorry but you need glasses if you still need this article.

11. He is always happy to see you

Your presence brings a certain brightness to his day that is never the same with anyone else. Ever hear him say things like “Wow you look so good in this new picture. Now my day’s gonna go well?”

Yep. That’s true.

Ever seen his gallery filled with your plainest of pictures?


Well that’s because this hunter has found the lioness he always wanted to study in detail.

If you see even half the signs on this list in your man, you know he is in. Like, really into you.

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