11 Telling Signs that your Soul has been Reincarnated many times before

It is a universally acknowledged fact that we are a part of the constant circle of life, dying and coming back. This circle affects what kind of people we are, how we act and react to things and the way we look at things.

All souls are a part of this process but some have been through it more number of times. This can be verified if you experience any of the following signs:

1. Repetitive Dreams

Dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious and unconscious mind. These parts of our minds show us what parts of our lives we haven’t been able to forget or get over. Dreams, however, are also a representation of our past lives. The feelings of familiarity and recognition that some of your dreams make you feel, like you have been in those places or know the place that you see in your dreams.

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2. Out Of Place Memories

There are often these times when you have out-of-place memories that are freakishly accurate. These memories are generally related to fantasies and imagination of the human mind but there is a lot of evidence that says that these memories have a lot to do with memories of one’s past life.

Many people use Past life regressions and use it as a healing technique.

3. Significant Intuition

Intuition is the ability to know your self on a deeper level and having a soul that is mature and wise. The more mature your soul becomes, the closer you are to Nirvana, or being one with the Universe.

4. Deja-vu

It is a fairly common phenomenon, feeling like you’ve been in a situation that you are currently in, or that something happening has happened before. Déjà vu is considered to be of a neurological nature, but is often related to the existence to other dimensions that exist parallel to ours.

5. Being An Empath

An empath is someone who feels some other person’s pain as deeply as they feel their own pain, literally empathizing. After braving through so many births, one goes beyond their own pain and feels this same way about others too. They are beyond earthly feeling of pain.

6. Precognition

Precognition is the ability to gain insight into events and things that is a bit out of the ordinary and has to do with the future. It can be experienced through any of the senses that one possesses and is a symbol of a mature and experienced soul.

7. Retrocognition

As the name would suggest, it is the opposite of the above. Retrocognition is the ability to look into the past, be it recent or distant. Like its opposite, it lacks scientific backing but is definitely a sign of a seasoned soul.

8. You Feel Older Than You Are

The phrase “old souls” is known to all of us. Some people tend to have a disposition that can be described as “young” and some people have a stiller, quieter disposition. This might have something to do with the maturation and reincarnation of a soul multiple times. People who are characteristically wise are associated with having reincarnated more than other souls on the Earth.

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9. An Interest In Old Environments And Cultures

If you have an unexplainable inclination towards certain cultures and times, it might be because you have been in those places in your past life, or been a part of the culture.

10. Phobias You Can’t Explain

Your past lives never completely wash off of you and leave their footprints. It is said that the traumas and the hurt of the previous birth often cause people to develop unexplainable fears and phobias that seemingly have nothing to do with their lives. These fears can include fears of places, animals, sounds, etc.

11. You Feel Like You Don’t Belong To The Earth

The need and the yearning for a home is the need to go back to your source, where you feel like you belong and comfortable. Souls that have reincarnated multiple times get tired and done with the Earth and embody a constant need to find a forever home.

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