15 Love Lessons we should all learn from Penguins, but Stay Away from the Last One!

Dr. Charles & Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz went on a 10 days long trip to Antarctica and discovered something soul-stirring in that far away land. The continent houses few people who work there, and they were interviewed by the doctors about their lifestyle. The striking fact however, is the uncanny similarity that the couple found between humans and penguins.

The gentoo, the adelie, the emperor, and the chinstrap penguins have figured out the depth of the emotion that has left humans bewildered since time immemorial – love. Yes, these adorable flightless friends have a lot to teach us mere mortals about relationships.

Here are 15 things we must learn:

1. Look out for each other

Ever wondered where these cute buddies from the southern hemisphere live? Is it really different from us? Turns out it is very similar to our towns and villages, called rookeries! Penguins live close to each other to ward of the dangerous predators and also stay warm in the biting cold weather. They live in groups and have a strong division of labour. Most have a short commute to find food.

2. Have fun and play a lot

Companionship and being understood are the two driving factors in any form of relationships. Penguins love to spend time with their dear ones by playing. Hanging around with friends and family is their source of joy.

3. Communicate effectively

Communication is the key to successful relationships. This is true for humans and penguins. These birds love to chatter and talk endlessly with each other. Isn’t it adorable?

4. Be a responsible adult

So they can’t fly, does that make them any less mature? No. They are extremely productive and become parents at some point in their life. Well, most of us also want to create a happy family.

5. Build your support network

They are very social and sometimes take trips with their extended family. They build their home network strong and sturdy, just like us.

6. Show love to your children

Don’t we love to cuddle our babies? Penguins too shower their little ones with kisses. Awww!

7. Smile often

All of us have watched happy feet right? Penguins are just like that! Happy and hard working. They take everything in their stride and never give up. We should strive to not give up on our goals.

8. Watch out for danger

The world is not a bed full of roses and the penguins know that. Humans are aware of the challenges of existence and try to warn our family and friends of possible calamities. Penguins know the rules of nature and protect their dear one’s.

9. Shout your love to the heavens

There are times we humans cannot swallow our pride and be vulnerably honest, penguins on the other hand have no fear in expressing their love. They are very vocal and scream their love without shying away. Lots to learn isn’t it?

10. Keep your body clean

They love to tidy up and swimming gives them joy. They bathe a lot and savour the moments.

11. Be faithful to the one you love

In a world where people fall out of love often, penguins remain faithful to their partners till “death do us apart”. They find a new mate after their partner has passed away, showing us what true love and monogamy is!

12. Stop and smell the roses

Do we, in our rat race have time to appreciate the beauty of nature? Penguins “stop to smell the roses” or admire the panoramic views while they travel while we are busy uploading pictures on the social media.

13. Share the parenting responsibilities

Nurturing, feeding, and parenting of the children in not only the responsibility of the mother. The mother and the father share all the responsibilities of parenthood like protecting and raising a child. They strive to create a comfortable nest for their offspring and we should take a hard look at what our society, breeding inequality, demands.

14. Express your love often

Penguins pretty much live like a Disney movie…they dance at the sight of their partners! Just like humans who have a successful relationship, being with the person they love in the greatest adventure of their lives!

15. Argue fairly and don’t hold grudges

It is not only about expressing love, it in about expressing your emotions in the correct time and manner. Penguins squawk and argue, it is natural. Human couples cannot always end it on a positive note and hold grudges. Penguins however, are a fan of forgive and forget! Key to a happy relationship, right?

16. Cheating is BAD!

People usually try to justify the horrifying trouble they put themselves into with an excuse that can never be accepted. And when I say people, I forgot to mention Penguins too, however strange that may sound…

National Geographic caught the entire act of a Penguin cheating her partner with another male and made an incredible video.

Instead of her getting out of trouble, she choose to excuse her mistake with a devastating choice…

“Every September 200.000 flock here to fix up their nests and breed. Life here is good, but this home has come home to find his wife with another penguin…”

Well, I guess we can always learn a few “extra” things about love from Penguins…

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