16 Unique Characteristics Only Empathic People Can Possess

Empaths are the kind of people who are inherently nice and have a sunny disposition. They draw people to them and make adequate efforts to understand what a person might be going through and make them feel safe, comfortable and needed.

Empaths put others’ comforts over their own and are selfless. Studies suggest that they are the best friends someone can have.

Following is a list of 16 unique characteristics of Empaths:

1. Sensitivity

Empaths are often called too sensitive but in reality, it is not so. They just happen to be emotional people who are in touch with the emotions that they have. They don’t spend their time to hide their emotions or not feel their feelings. Negative feelings cause them to feel more stressed and tired than they are.

2. They hate being lied to

Empaths are very good judges of people and look through everything. This is why they can tell when they are being lied to and that distresses them a lot. When they feel like they have been lied to or cheated on by someone once, they will ignore the person forever.

3. Affected by negativity

Negative news and things have a profound effect on them. The primary characteristic of every Empath is that they can feel the pain that others are feeling and therefore others’ grief and sadness really upsets them. Suffering, even if not real time, distresses them to a point where they cannot watch movies or documentaries about war and death either.

4. Crowds overwhelm them

Empaths feel and absorb what other people are feeling and hence spending too much time in crowds and public places overwhelms them, as they feel too many feelings in too little time. They feel like they have been overworked.

5. Healing makes them happy

Nothing makes empaths happier than providing comfort to other people. They love listening to other people’s problems and giving them warmth and advice. They live to make other people happy.

6. Programmed to react differently to medications and stimulants

Unlike other people, empaths have an adverse reaction to stimulants like coffee and tea. While these things are energizers, they leave empaths feeling anxious and stressed. This happens because empaths feel more.

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7. They cannot change

Empaths are loyal and understanding people who can’t change themselves even if they try. They cannot stop feeling or stop having emotions as this ability to feel is what makes them who they are. Being emotional is their strongest suit.

8. They understand you

Empaths make a conscious effort to understand you and your feelings. They are good listeners who listen to everything you have to say and provide you with emotional support and a safe space.

9. They bond with animals

Empaths are natural animal lovers. They don’t like keeping pets as the idea of owning another life makes them uncomfortable but they love animals and appreciate how they live in their natural world. Animals also bond well with empaths and react very positively to them.

10. Exhaustion is a part of their life

They are very exhausted at the end of everyday because their each day is spent in trying to understand other peoples’ problems and issue, but they never complain.

11. Take their advice

When you tell an empath your story, best believe that they understand and relate to it, so when you ask for their advice, take and work through it when they give it to you. Trust them because they are rarely ever wrong.

12. They can be easily distracted

Since empaths are highly sensitive, they don’t miss out on the small details, sounds and smells that they are surrounded by, which contribute to distracting them. Being an empath comes with its pros and cons.

13. Empaths hate narcissists

Empaths are the kindest, most helpful and caring people in the world and this is why narcissists, who are rude, impulsive and insensitive, repulse them. They hate the Narcissist and try their best to not let any in their lives.

14. They are hypersensitive to some bounds

This is one of the contributing factors to the susceptibility to being distracted in empaths. They are very sensitive to certain buzzes, vibrations and so on.

15. They are the best at listening

Empaths are extremely non judgemental people who put themselves in others’ shoes and make true effort to understand ones’ story. They listen carefully and dish out the greatest advice. Their sensitivity makes them the best people.

16. They send gadgets in a frenzy

This might be a little strange, but it is also true. The touch and presence of an empath messes with a lot of gadgets. Phones die, cars stall, and so on. Touching certain everyday gadgets might shock them.

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