20 Random Facts You Never Knew About Satanism That Doesn’t Sound So Bad After All

The moment we hear that word, it doesn’t exactly paint the most flattering picture.

Satan has been associated with the dark, gory, energetic, evil, violent, and all things bad in this world.

The institution, irrespective of its social value, is extremely interesting.

1. Satanism Doesn’t Advocate Violence

It asks you to look to your own person, and let others be. However, if somebody should cross your path and inconvenience you, warn them. If they still persevere then finish them altogether.

2. Satanism Advocates Freedom Of Religion And Separation Of Church And State

In Okhlahoma, there existed a monument of the Ten Commandments. It was placed outside a court-house. The Satanists wanted one of their models to be placed alongside it, but it was too risky to be allowed.

3. Satanists See Lucifer As A Symbolic Liberator

Anybody who has read Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ would say that Satan made a very good case against God. If we must see both sides of the argument then it would be wrong to not let him have a chance. He wanted to liberate his followers from the tyranny of an all-consuming God.

4. Satan Was A Feminist

Some people, including Stockholm University professor Per Faxneld, see Satan as the original feminist and liberator of women.

It was him in the form of the serpent that egged Eve to consume the apple. He wanted her to disobey God. When we think about it, she was following a set of orders given to her without understanding or truly agreeing with them.

5. There Are Two Major Types Of Satanism

Ones who believe in a structural superpower, picture him as a deity. But the ones who do not believe in a structured force, use him as a doctrine.

6. The Catholic Church Invented Satanism

In the fifteenth century, they told Europeans that citizens were gathering in secret to worship the devil. These were mostly females. Nothing of this sort had actually transpired. They only used this false premise, supported by documents written by their own people, to start a witch-hunting rampage.

7. Luciferians Idolize Lucifer But Aren’t Satanists

They view them as two different thought processed. Luciferianism speaks about rejecting collective thought to embark on the process of one’s own spiritual liberation.

8. Lucifer Is Closely Connected To Prometheus

He stole fire from heaven to help the human beings create. Zeus punished him severely by tying him to a rock and having an eagle peck out his limbs. Satan’s act has also been viewed in that light of defiance of the gods.

9. Satanism Is Alive And Well In The American Heartland

Michigan has reported a revival of the tradition, and several other areas have followed. Even if there isn’t an established group, isolated individuals are still associated with the practice.

10. Occultism And Satanism Are Not The Same Thing

The latter is a part of the former. It is an immense umbrella that houses several disciplines. The occult deals with mystery, mysticism, magic, etc.

11. Satan Is A Devil, Not The Devil

Wherever there is a hero, there is an anti-hero, or the arch-enemy. All mythologies have their versions of this. Christianity’s version is Lucifer or Satan.

12. Most Satanic Bands Aren’t Actually Satanists

This may come as a shock. But dark metal does not necessarily have to conform to Satanism. Ozzy Osbourne and Slayer have used metaphors and Satanic imagery in their lyrics to make it dark, gothic, and sinister, but they are not associated with the ideology.

13. Satanism Inspires As Much As It Terrifies

Lucifer can symbolize a fighting spirit; standing up for what you believe in. Several people, including the Behemoth-team, find that extremely appealing. He carried an entire army on his own shoulders, and dared to defy God.

14. Those Church Burnings In Norway Had Nothing To Do With Satan

The youthful circuit wanted to refuse the doctrines being forced upon them. It was not about Satanic practices, but society itself rejecting an institution.

15. The Pentagram Isn’t Originally A Satanic Symbol

It was a part of Judaism and Christian beliefs. Each point of the 5-point star is representative of a point in the crucifixion of God’s child.

16. Baphomet Comes From Mohammed

He is a demonic character with the head of a goat. This animal is associated with Satanism, the same way that Christians claim the sheep. However, people believe that his name is a distortion of Mohamet, and comes from the ME.

17. Satanism Is A Relatively New Religion

The institutionalized form of this doctrine has only been present for a couple of decades, from the second half of the 90s. Vague references have been made way before, but nothing concrete had existed.

18. The Satanic Panic Wasn’t About Satan

There is no evidence, save a fictionalized narrative in ‘Michelle Remembers’ that can pin America’s hysteria on Satan-worshippers. The violence, murders, and ritualistic practices had nothing to do with Satan.

19. The Church Of Satan Promotes Anti-Feminist Feminism

They believe that in following Satan’s path, you are renouncing patriarchy, and creating your own space in this world. It stands for the individual freedom of everybody irrespective of their sex. This sounds like the true spirit of Feminism.

20. Satanism Blew Up In The Second World As The Berlin Wall Came Down

In the wake of the Soviet crisis, criminal acts that mirrored Satanism broke forth. Again, this wasn’t the institution’s fault, but only the angry young men of the state who wanted release from the tyranny of war.

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