5 Things That Suddenly Don’t Matter When You Meet The One

We all have our moments when we are suddenly not sure about the person we are dating or want to date. There are feelings of doubt, insecurity, hesitance and the tendency of self-preservation kicks in soon. If we keep thinking along the lines of these points then there is a strong chance of us losing that person. So what are we supposed to do if we think that he or she might be the right one for us? There are many things that determine whether a relationship will work or not.

“Compatibility is a process, not a checklist” is something that grabbed my attention recently. Obviously you should not settle for anything and everything. You should realize that as you talk to someone (the one), you don’t care about the things you thought mattered a lot back then.

Here are some of those things:

1. Timing

This is the most severe thing about relationships. If you get a dollar for every time someone says that the timing wasn’t right, you could actually own an entire continent! All of us lament about being busy and not having enough time for dating or having meaningful relationships. But when you think that the right person comes along, you will make time for them no matter what. Now this is what we call “putting effort”.

2. Exes are history

You might be distraught over your last breakup and don’t feel like associating with anyone anymore. Maybe you feel like having a rebound or meaningless casual thing. But what if you come across someone who isn’t meant for all this? What if he or she is someone you fall for? Then you don’t have to worry about your ex because they won’t even matter anymore.

3. Age

Whenever you first meet someone you start guessing their age like how old will he or she might be. You start making an estimate about it and plan your future moves according to that. When you feel that you have met the right person, age doesn’t matter… at all. If you want to settle with that person then you will. Your parents might not be happy or friends or relatives, but the final decision should be your decision. People might make jokes about the huge age gap (if there is) but to you it doesn’t matter.

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4. Where and how you met

So what if you met on Tinder or any other dating app?! People might make fun of your how-we-met story but if you are truly happy with someone then it doesn’t matter where you met… whether it was Tinder or a friend’s party. The important thing is that you met, and sometimes how we met ‘the one’ is actually a good story to tell as it has a lot of memories attached with it.

5. Distance

Long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain. Period. There is no need to glorify the hardships and make it sound like the best thing in the world. The only thing that is important is your attitude, and how you choose to manage a relationship over distance. If you are happy and willing then you should be able to deal with it properly, but if you have slightest of doubts about it, then you should not get involved in it.

When it is the right person, you would feel like going over the boundaries of distance and time zones because you love them dearly. Sounds pretty romantic, huh? But who doesn’t love a good dose of romance!

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