7 Different Types of Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

Humans show emotion and love by touch. Kissing is one of the most common ways of showing affection. We kiss other people to express our love, or when we are exhilarated or happy. Or perhaps simply to show care and affection!

It forms an important part of any relationship as it is a clear gesture of your fondness towards the other person. It helps us strengthen our bonds. But, did you know that different kinds of kisses can be interpreted in different ways? Kisses on certain parts of our body can mean different things. Sounds Curious eh?

In this article we will try to tell you exactly that. Read on to find out what each kiss means!

1. Kiss on the cheek

The most regular kind of kiss is given on the cheeks, this shows appreciation and translates to a good start and possible future intimacy. It is also a sign of trust and warmth between two people. It does not have to necessarily be sexual, it can be platonic or between friends.

2. Kiss on the ear

A kiss on the ear is the most affectionate one. It signifies intimacy and closeness between two people. The skin near the ear is very sensitive and therefore it denotes people wanting to get close to each other.

3. Eskimo kiss

An Eskimo kiss is when you rub your noses with another person. This is a very good ending to a really nice date and shows that there is comfort between you two even in something that is borderline strange.

4. French kiss

This requires no introduction of course. This is the kiss that tells you that maybe, just maybe this is not JUST dating; maybe there is something more. However, this requires more caution because of that simple reason: you would want to be sure of your connection.

5. Kiss on the brow

This again, like the kiss on the cheek is a gesture of trust. This is the perfect ending to both conversations and sessions of intimacy. This gesture tells the person that you are not going to leave; that you will be there.

6. Kiss of surprise (Given there is implicit consent on the part of the person being kissed)

This gesture can take your really-good-date to a new level. If you like someone, let them know; and this can be a very simple and effective gesture.

7. Lightest of kisses

This is pro-level stuff. And this is something that shows a lot of comfort on the part of both parties. Stealing light kisses from your partner makes them feel safe and wanted; a feeling that is the foundation of every successful, passionate relationship.

Kisses are subjective things and each kiss is a different journey. They are a wonderfully effective gesture. On a more unromantic topic, kissing someone you like regularly has a positive effect on endorphin production which in turn has an effect akin to antidepressants on the human body.

It’s a good thing at the end of the day!

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