7 Secrets You Must Know If You Are in Love With an Empath

Do you feel weighed down by the world? Does the sheer pain of existing in this fragmented whole overwhelm you? Is it like you simply cannot stop feeling! If the answer is yes, then you are an empath.

Empaths are people who absorb other people’s emotions because of their high sensitivities. They are naturally giving, spiritual and highly intuitive.

Loving an empath is not easy and many people shrug away from them complaining about their overly sensitive nature, but one thing is true: they are capable of unconditional love. Their love is so intense that it can really conquer all.

If you are in love with one, these secrets will help you know them better.

1. Always take them seriously

Empaths expect you to pay attention. They will always lend you a patient ear and understand you like no other. They want their opinions to be valued. They carry the world on their shoulders, while you may not understand this, do not joke about it. The moment you do not take them seriously, they would question the relationship and feel belittled.

2. Be honest with your empath

You have heard the saying “honesty is the best policy” a zillion times, but do you adhere to it? Empaths value honesty more than anything else. They can sense someone lying and despise it. If you are going through something, share, do not act indifferent… they will take you for a hypocrite and stop being around. You sharing your struggle makes them feel valued and they will do everything to keep your trust. They may know the truth but would expect transparency on your side. Empaths are very loyal and expect the same treatment from their partner.

3. Accept them for who they are

Closely linked to the previous point, being honest to yourself is of paramount importance. Since empaths have a deeper understanding of everything, you cannot easily fool them. They are mostly never deceived by facades. However, if an empath loves you, he or she would expect you to keep your guards down and be vulnerable. Do not try and change them, all they need is love and acceptance.

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4. Be as supportive as possible

Sometimes you may feel they go over the top, but that is who they are. You may be clueless about the things they feel but be supportive about it. Empaths are usually introverted and take time to open up, so if they have trusted you, do not take them for granted. Little efforts can please them easily.

5. Do not try to hold the empath back

Empaths have a tough time dealing with intimacy as it overwhelms them. They have so much to absorb and give at the same time that they feel drained. You have to give them time to replenish so that they can be themselves again. Trying to hold them back will only result in them moving further away. They want freedom. You cannot stop them from being involved with the world. Give them their space and let them be.

6. Do not step on their boundaries

An empath may shrug away from negative media images which you want them to see. They know their capacity and act accordingly. Sometimes people mistake them for being mean but it is them protecting their reserve of energy. You have to let them reboot and not for them to do something they don’t want to. Try to be respectful about the boundaries they set. They do this because they are easily affected by everything.

7. Making an empath laugh will tie you closer to the heart

Most of the time empaths drown in despair that isn’t even theirs to begin with…while you can’t change that, you can definitely uplift their mood by making them laugh. Laughter is the best medicine to rejuvenate and lighten the burden.

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