9 Things You Realize “After” You Die

Sometime after his death, Billy, my cousin, started sharing the stories of his afterlife with me. At first, I assumed that it was the pain of the loss that was making me hear his voice, but soon he started opening up about divine secrets and I believed that it was actually him and started listening to him as my teacher.

You are unaware of most unearthly things when you are alive, as you cannot separate yourself from the Earth.

There are things you don’t know when you are alive, because only death can teach you those things.

1. Your present life is not punishment for your bad deeds

As much as a karmic equalisation would be nice, the Universe does not work like that. There really isn’t a record of the good and the bad deeds. You don’t actually pay for your sins, so to say. The whole idea is a little disheartening, but you can’t help the way things work. It is out of human control.

2. You choose your life

Surprise, surprise! You actually do choose your life, that too even before you are born. This is the reason why sometimes you can’t explain what you are doing. You choose how your life ends and begins but you are not consciously aware of this all the time. This is a legitimate explanation for your “quirks” that are unique to you.

3. Everything changes

You probably know that things change, but the degree of this change becomes clear after death. You start realising that everything is temporary. Death is a pretty good wake up call (the irony), as it gives you a pretty clear view of things. The uncertainties are done away with, and you can look beyond the fog.

4. Life is good

Life isn’t all that bad. Messing up is okay. Everyone messes up once in a while and it is absolutely okay to do so. Nobody who has walked the Earth is even near to what “perfect” would mean. Making mistakes is very well a part of the journey of life, and doesn’t change much of what life is supposed to be, because it is all predestined in a way.

5. You’re meant to do everything

In life, you are supposed to be involved in everything, even stuff that does not make much sense. What you are ideally not supposed to do is be judgmental, but it is a very human thing to do. Life does not come with any warnings or any dos and don’ts, you are meant to experience everything. Some schools of philosophy actually state that when you are alive, the life is all you have – so don’t hold back.

6. There can be many rights

There is not one ultimate right way things can go. Things end well, things don’t end well, but how it ends doesn’t really matter. It’s how you live it. Life is as subjective as something can be. The wrongs and rights are external label that we, as humans put on things.

7. Society is limiting

What life throws at you, you have it in you to fight back. Society teaches you not to, or that you cannot. The society functions on rules and regulations that don’t really mean much out of a particular spectrum.

8. Love is the centre of the Universe

Love is the highest form of energy there can be. It is actually impossible to feel its entire power in the spectrum of life. Love is above all kinds of powers and energies that inhabit the world.

9. Death is not that big of a deal

Death is not half as painful as you might think it is. It is pretty pleasurable and comes with the promise of meeting your loved ones one day, and a strange promise of permanence.

Death is nothing but a door that leads to another level of existence. Many of these people had close encounters with death, were extremely sick or they overcame many life obstacles.

Their Journey allows them to let go of the illusion that death is final.

Originally taken from – The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death, Kagan shares the extraordinary story of her after death communications (ADC) with her brother Billy, who began speaking to her just weeks after his unexpected death.

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