9 Things You Should Delete From Your Life Immediately

Things happen in life and more than often we can’t change anything about them. But in most times, they do end up becoming emotional traps that bind us down and don’t let us progress further in life.

These things can be really anything, from a rejection at job interview to childhood trauma, and the thing is, they are not the end of the world!

It’s just that we get too used to sorrow and end up brooding on things.

Here, we have tried to list 9 things that shouldn’t be on your “to-think-about” list anymore:

1. What You Don’t Have

No one’s life is perfect, is it? You might or might never have time or resources to do something that you at one point think is perfect. And that includes having the emotional baggage you think is required to handle relationships.

What you’re missing out, doesn’t count. What does count however, is what you do have: the things, the comforts and the people.

Largely, the logic behind giving up is that you end up focussing too much on what you don’t have instead of focussing on what you do have. That’s not really logical at all.

2. Fear of Failure

There’s no better teacher than failure.

Success can get to your head, but failure won’t. Not till you misinterpret it as the end of the world.

Instead, every time you fail, take it as a sign to try harder and smarter next time. There is nothing in this world that gives you just one try.

And it is always better to take the opportunity to try and fail than to not try and regret it later.

3. Safety and comfort

No success has been achieved from the confines of safety and comfort zones.

There is a reason why every motivational speaker/book asks its audience to “think outside of the box”. Doesn’t it make sense to indeed look outside the box when you can’t find the answers in it?

4. Toxic Relationships

Relationships are truly relationships only and only when they are uplifting and positive. As soon as it starts to feel like you’re giving too much and ending up feeling bad about it anyway, it is time to understand it is not for you.

Knowing one’s self worth is always of utmost importance and that will consequently teach you the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.

5. Being Awarded For Every Tiny Thing You Do

That right there is narcissism. That is a toxic thing.

There are things that one has to do just because that’s the way of life.

There is a saying in India that translates to “If you do something good with your right hand, make sure your left hand doesn’t know”. Charitable giving should be kept secret, so that it is not done for praise by others. Do it because it is the right thing to do.

6. Shallow Judgements

People are facile because that’s the way society has conditioned them. Appearances are the last things that one should be judged, as they are really not very helpful in understanding the context of someone’s life.

Get to know someone better before judging them on the basis of something utterly facile and ostensible. Similarly stop caring about other’s facile judgements.

7. The Excuses You Have Been Feeding Yourself

Laziness is the enemy you need to fight. It lies in your own feelings of low self-worth, and that’s what makes it easier to fight.

Think, introspect and reflect about your own self and comprehend the fact that most of the things you’ve been tell yourself, like “I am not good enough for this college” or “I am not good enough for her, why would she want to go out with me” are just excuses at the end of the day.

8. The End Result

A very famous saying from the Bhagwat Gita goes: “You fulfill your duty; that’s your right. The fruits of the deeds you commit will be meted out in good measure in time, but while performing the deed you have no right to ask for them.”

Stop fixating about results. Enjoy the journey.

Do what feels right and make sure you hurt no one including yourself.

9. Past Regrets

If you can’t fix it, stop thinking about it.

Those are chains that need to be shirked off in order to fly.

Live life to the fullest because that’s how you reach your true potential!

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