A World-Famous Psychologist Says There Are 4 Distinct Personality Types. Which One Are You?

Carol Ritberger Ph.D. , is a radio host, author and an innovative leader in the fields of personality behavioral psychology and behavioral medicine.

With more than 28 years of experience as an internationally renowned medical intuitive, Carol’s expertise is in helping people understand how personality, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy can lie at the root cause of illness, disease, and life crises.

As the result of a near-death experience in 1981, she is literally able to see the human energy system, the aura, to identify energy congestion, protrusions, depletions and blockages that are affecting the body’s ability to function properly and sustain good health. Using this skill she is able to offer a comprehensive picture of why we become ill and offer insight into what is needed to heal.

In her book What Color Is Your Personality?: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green…” she explains that the role that color plays in our lives is far more powerful than most of us may imagine. Color influences all aspects of who we are, both internally and externally.

In the human energy system, color serves as a vital communication link that reflects what is happening within all four layers of energy: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., has matched  colors that represent the four personality types and teaches you how to find out what color you and your friends are!

In this beautiful, fun gift book, you will discover how:

— Colors and personality characteristics go together

— Red personality types are sensing, thinking in their functioning; their orientation is through external stimuli

— Orange personality types are sensing, feeling in their functioning; their orientation is through fulfilling the emotional needs of others.

— Yellow personality types are intuitive, thinking in their functioning; their core mental function is right-left brain, and they are good problem solvers.

— Green personality types are intuitive, feeling in their functioning; their orientation to the world is toward people and the need for relationships

What Color is Your Personality?

This fun test determines which color you are. Find out your strengths, weaknesses, and physical health with this quick and easy quiz. You only need to answer 10 quick and simple questions to determine what color your personality!

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