Choose One Of These Ancient Symbols And Reveal Answers To Your Current Situation

Every one of these ancient signs can reveal certain things about your future.

Each and every one of these signs has brought happiness and prosperity to the followers on their respective cultures and cults, and has associations with the emotional charge a person carries in them while choosing them.

So, here it goes. Choose.

1. The North Star

For centuries the North Star or the Pole Star has stood for a goal or a destination; a constant beacon for wanderers and seafarers alike, reminding them of the eternal journey and the direction they are to take.

The implications of choosing this sign is that you have a project in mind. Something you have been planning inside your mind for a long time.

The situation or even your own vacillations may have prevented it from materialising. The star stands for the direction you need to take, that is forward.

Put in effort and maybe fortune will stand by you.

2. The Trinity

The sign of God himself, as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and symbolising the mystery of how the Lord is one in three and three in one single unity. It has been long associated with meditation because of the supremely divine dilemma of understanding the unique tripartite manifestation of God.

If you chose this sign, it implies that you are at a crossroads in life yourself and need to introspect and meditate on the decision you have to take.

Reflection and forethought is of prudence and it is always wise to seek advice from well-wishers and superiors as well. Godspeed.

3. The Magic or the Pentacle

Originally a symbol for the mystical and ‘feminine’ of things, this star in later mediaeval times began to stand for the five wounds of Christ, the five joys of Mary in Christ and the five knightly virtues that were prized in the Middle Ages.

But also, it stood for the warlocks and witchcraft in general and not in a sinister way, but only retaining its earlier mystical and magical associations, hence giving it an alternate name: The Magic.

If you choose this, you are blessed; there are many people who wish to be fellow-travelers on the path you have chosen for yourself.

Cast aside your fears and go on your path and you never know how magical things can happen.

4. The Wheel of Law or Dharma-Chakra

This is Buddha’s Wheel of Law, which later the Emperor Asoka (the Unmourning) and later the nation of India chose as its emblem. It has eight spokes, symbolising the Shakyamuni’s Eight Fold Path of correct conduct and correct living.

The Eight spokes stand for: right view, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration; pure ethics as many put it.

If you chose this, then you have not been living to your fullest expectations and aspirations. The wheel is here to remind you of the dedication and determination and noble path you must tread to success and also self-validation.

Let the inner voice of your own guide you. Trust your intuition.

5. The Holy syllable Om

Om was according to Hindu scripture, the most ancient of sounds; the sound that was the harbinger of the creation of the Universe itself.

It is the sound of Shiva, the Almighty and was given its form as a symbol/alphabet/syllable by his own son, the god of beginnings, Ganesh.

It is the most auspicious of things that in itself embodies the entirety of creation in it, from Alpha to Omega and brings prosperity to people who keep it in some form on their person.

But most importantly, it stands for Thanksgiving; it symbolises gratefulness to the Universe for one’s existence, the same way the Universe moaned it to thank the gods for its own existence.

If you chose this symbol, then it means it’s time to be grateful for everything you have received and will receive in the near future.

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