“God Assigning Duties To Each Zodiac Sign” Is Best Thing You Will Read Today

Have you ever heard that God handed duties to the zodiac signs? Well then, this will definitely give you a new perspective about your life. In a brilliant work called Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation by Martin Schulman, it is said that the concept of zodiac originated with the signs being treated as 12 children and God assigning them their responsibilities.

Interesting, right? It begins with how God stood before his children and blessed them with the gift of life and their unique features.

This will definitely be the best thing you’ll read today!

To you Aries

God gave Aries the blessing of growth and fertility. He gave Aries the “seed” which will multiply in his hands and it is Aries’ responsibility to spread God’s Idea far and wide, but not to dwell on it or question it. Aries had to make men aware of God’s Creation and for such a life of dedication and activity he was blessed with the virtue of Self-esteem.

To you Taurus

Taurus was given the gift of Strength because he had the responsibility of transforming the seed into substance. A work requiring immense patience and dedication, Taurus could not question his duty or rely on others to execute his work.

To you Gemini

God gave Gemini questions to seek answers for and through this task he is to bring awareness among people of their surroundings. In this noble quest, Gemini can find God’s gift of Knowledge.

To you Cancer

God gave Cancer the duty to teach people the beauty of emotion. He wanted Cancer to bring them laughter and tears to experience life comprehensibly. Cancer was therefore blessed with the gift of Family.

To you Leo

Leo was entrusted with the duty of presenting to the world the sheer marvel that is God’s Creation. However, God warned him not to forget that it is God’s Creation and not his. If he got consumed by Pride, then he will be scorned by all. God gave him the gift of Honor to motivate him to do well.

To you Virgo

God gave Virgo the responsibility to examine the ways of mankind as to what they have done with His Creation. Virgo’s task is to remind man of their mistakes and to perfect God’s Creation. Virgo was hence given the Purity of Thought.

To you Libra

Libra was given the responsibility of maintaining harmony all around. A life of service, Libra has to teach people to be considerate and loving. Therefore he was given the gift of Love.

To you Scorpio

Scorpio was handed the difficult task of knowing people’s mind, but could not speak about it. His was a life of pain inflicted by the actions of mankind and a struggle with his animal instincts. This would lead him to distance himself from God but when he returns, God will give him the gift of Purpose.

To Sagittarius

God gave Sagittarius the task to touch every life with joy and mirth, to fill their lives with hope. This way the bitterness within them will go away and they will again turn to God. Sagittarius will influence a lot of lives, no matter how momentary, and will feel the restlessness in all. He was gifted Infinite Abundance so that he can shine light in every dark corner.

To you Capricorn

Capricorn was asked to teach people to work, to labor and to shoulder the burden of all mankind. He was given the Responsibility of his Brothers and Sisters by God.

To you Aquarius

Aquarius was blessed with the gift of Freedom so that he could serve mankind always and show them all the possibilities that the future holds for them. Although Aquarius will suffer from loneliness, still it will be a life of liberty.

To you Pisces

Pisces was asked to bear the sorrow of all and return them to God. He should be compassionate and supportive and for this noble duty Pisces was the only child who could understand God Himself. The gift of Understanding was only Pisces’ because mankind doesn’t know its worth yet.

God gave the children the chance to exchange the gifts but He knew that they will all often plead later to be freed of this duty. He will give them enough chances to complete their purpose in life and once they succeed only then can they be with God.

A different approach to Zodiac signs, and a very amazing one as well!

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