Science Reveals 10 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked Every Night

The idea borders on outrageous and therefore a very small part of the American population (8%) sleeps naked, but it is mostly because we are unaware of the multiple benefits of sleeping naked.

To help you adapt a healthier lifestyle, here are 10 advantages of going au naturale when you sleep, approved by science!

1. Helps Insomnia

For you to fall asleep there has to be a drop in your body temperature, which is done by your body, as it pushes out the heat from the core. This is sometimes difficult when you wear your nightclothes, and leads to sleeplessness. Sleeping naked allows your body to function naturally and fix problems like insomnia, assuring a good night’s sleep.

2. Longer, deeper sleep

Your naked body temperature in your bed is considerably lower than your surroundings, which directly contributes to a deeper and longer sleep. A Dutch study actually found that placing thermo suits on people lowers their body temperature and they sleep better than usual.

3. Prevents excess belly fat

When your body cools at night as you sleep, your cortisol levels drop. At around 2 am, the glands control the secretion of cortisol prepare your body for the upcoming day, which is why you wake up feeling fresh and energised in the morning. When you sleep clothed, your body does not cool enough to get the cortisol levels to drop, which makes you wake up groggy. This lack of sleep and grogginess makes you hungry that makes you eat your comfort food, largely contributing to belly fat.

4. Healthier sex organs

The v*gina itself is a warm, humid area and therefore has a favourable environment for bacteria and yeast to flourish. Sleeping naked allows the v*gina to cool down and prevent the growth of such bacteria.

Similarly, for men, cooler conditions for testes are healthier as they help in keeping a healthy sperm count as when you wear tight pants, the warm conditions affect your sperm count aversely.

5. Prevents aging

Sleep itself directly contributes to a higher secretion of growth hormones and melatonin, both of which actively contribute to slowing the aging process down, which means that sleeping more would directly lead to slower aging process and we already know that sleeping naked ensures longer periods of sleep, don’t let anything else stop you from staying young forever.

6. Improved sex life

When you sleep naked beside your partner, the touch of your skin against your partner’s releases more oxytocin, a feel good hormone that increases sexual responsiveness, probabilities of orgasms and also reduces stress and anxiety. Sleeping naked creates a more comfortable sexual environment.

7. Prevents skin diseases

When you sleep naked, your sweat and wetness of body is aired out, which prevents diseases like Intertrigo.

8. Self Esteem and Acceptance

Being naked acclimatises you to your own body, increasing your self esteem and helping you accept your body just the way it is. When you start accepting your own body, you become more confident in your skin. In a study done by the University of Central Florida, it was observed that students who were pro-nudity were more accepting of themselves and other people as well.

9. Prevents Type-2 diabetes

When you sleep naked, your body is cooler and that helps you improve your metabolic rate which helps in keeping your blood sugar levels under control and prevent type-2 diabetes. Sleeping naked affects your metabolism positively, helping you shed extra fat on your body.

10. Better blood flow

Without the contraptions that modern clothing comes with, your blood flow is heavily disrupted. Sleeping naked helps you improve your blood flow which ensures smooth functioning of your body.

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