7 Reasons Why A 3 Minutes Practice Of Kundalini Yoga Will Change Your Life

Kundalini is one of the most potent forms of yoga that one can practice. To define it, the closest thing from Western symbolism I can think of is the coiled Ouroboros A.K.A the coiled serpent of eternity that swallows its own tail, but is binding space and time.

Kundalini is similarly a form of dormant energy residing at the base of the practitioner’s spine. Through yoga, meditation and proper activation, it is activated and can be quite the life-changer for the individual.

Now, there are certain common misconceptions about this and the following seven points might help dispel them, at least some from your mind.

1. Kundalini helps enrich your mind

To speak in strictly 2017 terms, it helps upgrade your mind. Think about it, primal energy residing in the back of the spine, rising up towards your brain by activation processes: not really rocket science is it?

It helps you clean your mind, rejuvenate it and helps it function better. More importantly it creates an ethos of calm, something that most of us have forgotten in our noisy and urban lives.

2. The practices are time-tested

Indian yogis have been practicing Kundalini activation techniques for centuries. Again, think about it; near-naked holy men surviving in cold and arid mountaintops for years and years with little nourishment: where does the energy for mere survival come from?

It is so ingrained in Indian culture that they even had a 90’s superhero show called Shaktimaan who got his powers (somewhere between Superman and The Flash) from the activated energies of Kundalini.

And there is an abundance of research on it coming from the West as well, all confirming enhancement of brain activity among other positive results.

3. Kundalini literally makes you feel more alive

We all know that every object including human bodies vibrate at a certain frequency in their healthy states.

This falters when the general state of health falls. Kundalini helps you maintain this steady frequency thus indicating better health.

In general too, it helps boost overall metabolism (refer to previous points and the yogi logic).

4. You just need three minutes of time

That’s the beauty of the thing. You don’t need to devote too much time for results.

Right now, given the rising need to evolve and enhance the self, things like activating your Kundalini and hence all the power points of your body will help you progress further.

And it is so potent if done correctly, that just three minutes a day can yield you unforeseeable results.

5. It’s not just a fitness regimen

WHO defines health as: “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

I emphasize this particular part because the mere absence of disease is what many people mistake for a state of health. It’s really not.

Physical well-being is one of the halves of well-being; the other is spiritual. Your spiritual health too requires effort and I am not going to preach prayer here.

By freeing the primal Shakti or Kundalini to reach up towards your mind, you will be enlightened in general; this is because your soul is rejuvenated by this same energy.

It loses its tiredness and fatigue and is ready to face the many challenges life’s rat-race throws our way.

6. Kundalini is for everyone

This energy is contained in EVERYONE, irrespective of the walk of life they come from, or anything.

It is something fundamental to humanity.

And you don’t need to be a fitness freak for it either, because it is (not just) a fitness regimen.

Everyone needs it, they just don’t know why yet.

7. It is a fun word to say

The word is Sanskrit and like all classical languages, kind of rolls off the tongue. And it also almost onomatopoeic.

Try saying it and you’ll know what I mean.

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Image source: Livnir/Flickr

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