Silly Nutrition Myth That Keeps Us Fat, Sick & Tired

The calorie-is-a-calorie myth

This is the greatest lie perpetuated in society! It makes us chase inhumane standards, and leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Science, and specifically Biology has an explanation as to why this doesn’t work. In order to understand this more clearly, let’s observe the track taken by two separate ingredients, once they have entered our body: 750 calories of broccoli and the same amount of soda.

Soda: If you swallow two mouthfuls of 7-Eleven, it will bring you to this calorific value. Your digestive system is fast to absorb the soda’s fiber-less fructose and glucose.

The latter affects your blood-sugar levels by heightening them. This in turn leads to an increased level of insulin proportions, and when our hormones react to that, it triggers harmful processes into work. High quantity of insulin adds to the fat in our stomachs, causing inflammation, forcing our blood-pressure beyond normal or healthy measures, etc. It also has sexual repercussions where it takes away from the testosterone quantity in a man’s body, and renders women infertile or struggling with it.

Insulin also creates massive obstacles for leptin, which regulates our palette and how much we eat. You wrongly assume that your body requires more food, and you go on an extremely harmful binge-eating spree.

Fructose takes the direct pass into your liver, and contributes to accumulating fat in your body. It can cause the organ to highly malfunction and lead to long term medical issues. It messes up the communication to your brain, who in turn fails to process how much food our body requires at the moment.

Now, let’s observe the course that Broccoli has taken: The amount can be translated into 21 cups. It is replenished with 67 gm of fiber, which is more than the average person consumes in the States. It contains very minuscule quantity of sugar and the carbohydrates are easily absorbed.

None of the harmful effects spoken about the previous segment, holds true in this case. This food item does not trigger addiction behavior in you. The brain gets the appropriate messages when necessary. In fact, it benefits your body in ways more than one.

It helps you lose toxins and evicts them from your system. It is also extremely rich with vitamins which create a shield against fatal diseases. It also has a regulatory effect on hormones responsible for sexual endeavors.

Almost like a computer chip, whatever you eat sends messages to your brain. You too, are very complicatedly coded, and all of this is what food affects. A calorie is not just a calorie. The effect it has on you is what is important.

Studies Prove A Calorie Is Not A Calorie

The Journal of the American Medical Association denies the uniformity of all calories. They differ in various ways. Some result in fat accumulation around important organs, others still, result in gaining of weight or acquiring of diseases.

In an experiment conducted over 3 months, participants’ food intake was moderated.

The ones on a low-protein diet shed 1.5 pounds of muscle-mass and obtained 7.5 pounds of fat. The high protein one too put on weight but way less than the former.

This shows how differently calories work. While some result in gaining or shedding muscles, others work by storing fat.

In USA, 69 percent of us are overweight and over 35 percent of us are obese. If these trends continue, one in three Americans could have Type 2 diabetes by 2050. This regulation and study is therefore extremely important.

Reduce Belly Fat and Build Muscle? Focus On Protein, Not Calories

1. Say no to sugar, irrespective of how it is presented to you. What is dangerous stays so.

2. Avoid plain/corn flour in what you eat. It will affect your diabetic levels.

3. Begin your routine by protein intake.

4. Ingest protein with every meal.

It is important to be aware and feed our body things that benefit it in the long run!

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