Something Extraordinary Is Happening In The World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

I got tired of being tied to a meaningless routine, so I cut myself free. I moved away from societal attachments and the FOMO that tied me this humdrum.

Ever since, my mental horizon has shifted 180 degrees. I am able to see the world in a new light, and a lot of new things have become obvious to me.

The world is transforming gradually, and most of us have been blind to it all along.

Here are the reasons why I believe this change is ongoing:

1. No One Can Stand The Employment Model Anymore

The job-world is unsatisfactory to the maximum. All the gold promised to us in adulthood is slipping away. Hordes of people are quitting in order to invest their time in a start-up. It is true that big companies demand a lot from their employees. But it is necessary to give them a working arrangement and space where their brain can breathe. Post the Industrial Revolution, even men are expected to act as machines.

2. The Entrepreneurship Model Is Also Changing

Once you have quit your suffocating job, you begin to feel better. The first thing to do is make a blueprint of your new venture. Then an investor comes along, after a lot of lobbying and anticipation. Once his/her money has been poured into your project, you’re at their mercy again. You have to run by their likes and dislikes, work by their rules and guidelines, and ultimately find yourself stuck with exactly what you ran away from. This vicious cycle needs to end.

3. The Rise Of Collaboration

This was a repetitive Mathematics problem through out my childhood: If 8 men take 2 hours to build a wall, how long will 16 people take to build that same wall?

When you work together, the work load lessens, and it also gets done faster. In this age of complete alienation, why would you block your fellow employees out? Collaborative ventures are on the rise again, and it makes me really ecstatic to see that people are beginning to understand the value of sharing.

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4. We Are Finally Starting To Understand What The Internet Is

The reach of the digital medium is supreme. It is only now that we have begun to acknowledge it. It is instrumental in demolishing divisions between races, languages, social status, et all.

Like the Arab Spring, it could also be an important tool in nationalism.

In the age of the Internet, you are spoiled for choice. Beyond the limitations of the TV, or biased news, you can now access whatever you want to, online. It also gives a stage to the oppressed.

5. The Fall Of Exaggerated Consumption

Capitalism wanted to take all our money. For the longest time, we have been brainwashed into buying the most useless things in the market. Attractive advertising and the thirst for social hierarchy beggared us.

But people have become more conscious now. Owing to waves of lowsumerism, healthy and natural food, recycling, etc, our lives and the environment are looking much better than it did a couple of years ago.

6. Healthy And Organic Eating

All the MNCs have wrecked our food habits. I admit that KFC and McDonalds taste really good. But not all things that taste good are necessarily good for your health.

Finally, consumers have realized the garbage they’ve been accepting as food. Owing to great media coverage, and science, we have become more aware and conscious of what goes into our body.

You will be surprised to know that your habit affects the economic future of your country. Your healthier choice forces the MNC to cater to your need, thereby giving the power back to the peasants.

7. The Awakening Of Spirituality

Relaxing is extremely important. One must learn how to unwind in order to lead a healthier life. In this loud rush we call life, we’ve forgotten to allocate time to ourselves.

You don’t necessarily have to meditate for an hour or more. Start with 10 minutes a day, and work your way up. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with how calm it makes you feel.

8. Un-Schooling Movements

The education system needs a lot of reform. I could scream this from every mountain-top in the whole wide world if I need to. Instead of making children interested in learning, we’ve created an entire generation that is scared of going to school. Whatever happened to freedom? To the joy of learning? To teachers you could actually look up to? Kids are force-fed classes they don’t want to take, and we keep shoving homework down their throats even during holidays. I mean, let them breathe!

There are a few groups trying to replace this practice with homeschooling, un-schooling, hack-schooling, et all. I truly hope they succeed, and that larger establishments learn a thing or two about how to teach children.

Gradually, everybody is beginning to realize what a strange world we live in. Some of us are even trying to make a difference. More power to them!

Image source: Eric Fischer/Flick



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