TEST: Which Of These Doors Do You Associate With Happiness?

(Note: this test reveals qualities you might not know about yourself)

This is a personality test as you might have already guessed. Depending on your personality you will associate certain sights with certain abstract things, like happiness for example, which are also highly subjective.

Be very discerning when you choose as the results depend on it. Observe the colour, shape and other details of the doors carefully before you do so.


Here are the results:

1. If you choose the purple door

This is door of determination and resolve. You are strong willed and your being is all about practicality and Reason.

You hate sugar-coating realities and instead try changing them if they aren’t to your liking. This can also be intimidating to others.

You choose few friends but give your best for them and they too understand just how important they are to you.

You are a mysterious person and this makes you very appealing to others, whether you like it or not.

And there are situations when others struggle but you giggle from the gallery.

2. The Owl-door

That things looks like something straight out of Harry Potter, doesn’t it?

Anyway, the nocturnal raptor has been long associated with curiosity and was holy to none other than Pallas Athena, goddess of learning.

You are curious, practically stoical and nurturing and give off warmth that is attractive to others.

You cherish family and society a lot, thanks to your big heart.

The opposite sex is actually attracted to you a lot; they might not come forward because of your personality that gives off the vibes of profundity instead of mundaneness.

Deep relationships with meaningful conversations are your forte and you commit with ease. You can however be a bit of a “saviour” attracting relationships that require a lot of work and effort to “save” your spouse and that can be tiring after a while.

However, your personality is fundamentally selfless and kind and thanks to that, you can almost rest assured; you are blessed to have a long, prosperous life of love and happiness.

3. Opening the red door

You are a party animal and the nucleus of the social group. You like recognition when it’s due.

But although you are competitive and aggressive when things get bad, you are down to earth and humble in general. Your biggest strength is your energy.

You are warm and positive and have quite the romantic adventures to boast of. You are family oriented, and you may go way over the line to satisfy the people you love.

4. If you choose the blue door

The implications are that you are like flowing water; a giver. Your presence and personality are prized because of their nurturing nature.

You are the friend who takes the forever in “friends forever” seriously. You are the rescuer from sticky situations and the partner-in-crime; the friend to keep around for one’s own good and a friend who makes one trust humanity again.

This door exhibits an inner security and confidence some may not know about; and that includes you too: we rarely know ourselves nowadays. You are trustful almost to a naïve level, honest beyond expectation and loyal beyond measure.

You hate confrontation, and would rather make peace than fight. You tend to hide behind a tough exterior but often times get hurt by other people who don’t realize there is a soft side to you that yearns to be surrounded by love and happiness; which might also indicate certain insecurities about being alone.

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