The Harvest Full Moon Will Light Up The Sky! Here’s What You Need To Know

This full Moon connects with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon, because it is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. The Harvest Moon can occur in September or October and is bright enough to allow finishing of all the harvesting.

The Harvest  Full Moon usually falls in September, but every three years (including 2017), it falls in October.

This year, the Full Harvest Moon takes place on October 5th.

Full Moons have long been associated with myths and legends, and were especially important to Native Americans. They gave a distinctive name to the one that occurred each month.

According to NASA, the Harvest moon is unique because it rises at about the same time as sunset, causing it to appear red and much larger than it actually is.

Why is every Full Moon Important?

“It is the very error of the moon. She comes more near the earth than she was wont. And makes men mad.” —William Shakespeare, Othello

People use the phrase “There must be a full moon out there” in an attempt to explain weird happenings at night.

It’s still familiar to us today that the world “Luna” which is prefix for the word “lunatic” was actually the name given to th Roman Goddess.

One of the 3 most important Greek philosophers, Aristotle, and Roman historian Pliny the Elder suggested that the brain was the “moistest” organ in the body and most affected to the influences of the moon.

Scientific American states that many people believe that the moon induce unusual behavior, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, emergency room calls, traffic accidents, dog bites and all manner of strange events.

One survey revealed that 45 percent of college students believe moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors, and other surveys suggest that mental health professionals may be still more likely than laypeople to hold this conviction.

In 2007 several police departments in the U.K. even added officers on full-moon nights in an effort to cope with presumed higher crime rates.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) examined the effect of the moon on human behaviour using spiritual research methodologies. In the spiritual research they conducted using the sixth sense to ascertain the effect of moon on human behaviour the short answer was yes, it does have an effect.

The effect of the moon

Every object including planets, stars and satellite bodies emanate frequencies. And they do affect us in varying degrees at a physical and subtle-level.

The frequencies radiating from the Moon affect the frequencies of the mind; Our feelings, emotions and desires.

The mind consists of conscious and sub-conscious mind. Within the sub-conscious mind we have a number of impressions that are embedded that decide our basic nature and personality.

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. Its job is to ensure that we respond exactly the way we are programmed. Our subconscious mind makes everything we say and do fit a pattern consistent with our self-concept, our “master program.”

The Full Moon affects our sub-conscious mind, so it’s best that we ‘blame’ our unusual thought patterns on the Moon. Although we can blame something ‘on the moon’, there are things we must pay attention to.

Here’s what to expect from today’s Harvest Full Moon:

1. Heightened Energy

The full moon will cause a heightened energy around you, but you will notice it as ‘feeling something strange’. You must be aware of it to channel the energy on positive outcomes, or else it can affect your adversely.

Look at this energy as an unfamiliar energy that’s trying to help you achieve something. It works for me every time!

2. Mixed Intuition

If you have something important to decide, it’s really better to let it wait (if it can wait). Many people report unusual behavior, therefore mixed emotions. It’s really hard to make vital decision with messed up mind. Although you can use it for positive outcomes, answering the big questions can wait a day or two.

3. A New Menal Adventure

Full moons are associated with rebirth, or new beginnings. If there’s something you wanted to do long time ago, now you have the motivation to start! You wanted to play squash? Or try yoga for the first time? There you go! The Full Moon is at your “Mental” service!

Use the full Moon as a new mental adventure to fulfill something you wanted to do long time ago. And remember, let the big things wait till the Full Moon is over.


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