The Stone You’re Drawn To Reveals A Lot About Who You Are!

Our mind is constantly picking up sensations from all around us and compiling them within us. It all happens unconsciously and we are not even aware when or how these actions and reactions keep taking place.

But you may be curious to find out what goes on inside your mind behind all the secret works of the unconscious!

One of the ways to go about it is to dig into the workings of our brain surreptitiously through analysing our instincts and intuition.

Take a look at the stones and when you spot a favourite, stick to it and see what your choice reveals about you!


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1. Opalite

If this is the stone that you picked then you are someone who really enjoys moments of quiet reflections. You tend to shy away from noisy places and love to take off from the busy schedules of daily life to delve into your inner self. You enjoy your alone time that is focused on self-love and inner-growth.

2. Malachite

The ones who picked Malachite are in for big changes in the near future. These changes can be related to one’s love life or can have something to do with re-connecting with one’s spiritual needs. So it’s a good time to keep going over the choices you’ve been making, and see how they will end up affecting you in the long run.

3. Sun Stone

If you have been drawn to this particular stone, then it’s no secret that you’re a fun-loving-carefree individual who always strives for positivity in every aspect of life! Your penchant for all things bright, and sunny weather helps you be an optimist in even the direst of situations.

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4. Mahogany Obsidian

Being drawn to this particular stone also signals a change coming into your life. But this change is of a different kind. It signifies a breaking out of bad habits and monotonous schedules. It also stands for being thankful for the things you already have as opposed to longing for the things you don’t.

5. Howlite

If this is the stone that your instincts chose, you are deeply attuned to the Other world, with spirits and with your dreams. You are extremely sensitive and pay attention to the environment around you. Your ancestors try to establish contact with you and possibly speak through you. To help this happen smoothly, you should always be extra careful and learn to recognise messages coming from them- whether when you’re awake or asleep!

6. Dalmatian Jasper

In case you chose this particular stone, you are a bundle of joy always seeking out fun and adventure. Your youthful soul makes you a thrill-seeker and always draws you to various kinds of adventures! You are a go-getter and you are always up for light-hearted plans that help you unwind and relax!

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