What it really means when Your Man looks at Another Woman (from a Man’s Perspective)

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant with your man and suddenly a woman walks by and he looks at her even though you’re sitting right opposite to him. You’re left feeling amused, betrayed, angry or envious of that woman who was simply innocent. So how do you think your partner will explain his behavior?

The answer is also simple according to men. They all like to look. Yes, as simple as that. No matter who it is – a caring boyfriend, a womanizer or player, a doting husband – they all like to look when a woman of certain attractive features is around them.

It is normal for men to look at other women and for women to have corresponding reactions to the same. We should then discuss why men tend to look… and let’s decipher what this look actually means.

The “look” actually means that he is physically attracted to the woman. A chemical reaction just sparked in his brain and the hormones like dopamine and serotonin got released which gave him a sense of pleasure. This attraction is sexual attraction and is completely natural. He wouldn’t act on it unless he is actually planning to leave you or break up with you.

You should also know what this “look” doesn’t mean. When a man looks it does not mean that he wants to leave you for her, or he finds her more beautiful than you. It doesn’t mean he is not happy with you or that you don’t satisfy him. You should not be insecure of your body or looks because of it. His love for you is not diminished when he looks at someone else.

This look is just the look of appreciating beauty.

Now why do men even look at other women? For us, emotional connection and sexual attraction are not really linked together. We can be turned on by women we have no emotional connection with because it is purely sexual attraction. We could be in love with a woman with all our heart but we can be attracted to someone at the same time.

According to a research study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2013 showed how men and women are attracted to potential partners. Women are drawn towards men with whom they feel a sense of familiarity, like they remind them of their current partner while men are drawn to new and different women.

So when does “this looking” becomes a problem? It becomes a problem when you stare and act like an inconsiderate moron. Forcing yourself on a woman, making inappropriate comments and gestures are something that you should not do. If a man does this then it shows that he is not mature enough to be called a man in the first place and that he does not have basic respect for women.

If your partner does the above listed things then it is time to reevaluate your relationship.

Such a behavior is not noticeable during the initial stages of a relationship because then a man is completely devoted to the new love in his life. This reduces the chance of their eyes wandering here and there. Also, women tend to ignore such habits early into a relationship because she is also experiencing these new feelings of love and romance.

But for a relationship to survive even after this, it takes real effort and commitment from both sides.

Do not worry too much if your guy is looking sometimes at other women. Don’t assume anything bad. But if this becomes an everyday thing then you should definitely discuss things with him. Communicate your needs to each other and don’t set high levels of expectations from each other.

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