What Women Really Want: 10 Traits Men Have That Make Them The Whole Package

Often you would hear your friends saying, “Oh, I really want a tall, handsome guy!” However most of the time the guys they choose do not exactly fit that criterion. Unlike men, who concentrate more on the physical aspect, women are charmed by men who have a wonderful personality, are sweethearts and treat women with respect and love.

Not that we women are not concerned with looks, but we are far more attracted to the man beneath all that jazz. A confident aura, style, intelligence, humor; someone who pays attention to details and pampers you right- that’s the kind of man a woman absolutely adores!

Here are certain personality traits that attract women:

1. Kind and Caring

Women don’t just want a man who is sexy and handsome but a man who understands them. She wants him to be kind to her and to take care of her; a loving friend who won’t judge us for our needs and treat us as an equal.

2. Brains, Brains, Brains

Women love a man who is intelligent. Not only is that a big turn on but also we love the opportunity to learn new things. Conversation with an intelligent man is not only interesting but also you will hardly get a chance to be bored.

3. Sense of Humor

A man who can effortlessly make a woman laugh has partially won her over already. A good sense of humor is something that women absolutely love and look forward to when they meet some new guy. These men are witty and funny and make a woman feel happy and special. We appreciate good jokes.

4. Confidence

Women appreciate confidence in men. If a man is comfortable in his own skin, holds his head high and can carry himself with élan, he automatically becomes super attractive to us. Women love a man who is sure of himself and is assertive.

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5. Charisma

A charismatic man is bright, suave and has a striking personality that sets him apart from the rest. He knows what he is doing and can become the centre of attention wherever they go. Women love men with charisma.

6. Balance

Women like men who are in control of their lives, who can tackle both their personal and professional lives with equal ease. Women like it when a man can spend quality time with them and are not constantly stressed due to work and other engagements.

7. Good Listener

It is difficult to find men who genuinely like to listen to you, no matter how irrelevant the topics are. So when a man shows real interest in what a woman has to say, we cherish it. Women are far more sensitive than men; we are a lot more perceptive too. This is why we tend to talk a lot more to deal with our emotions. When a man pays attention to a woman and actually listens to her, well, he is a keeper.

8. Thoughtfulness

Women like men who are thoughtful and sweet. When they put in effort on preparing the best gifts and surprises, keeping in mind things you hold dear, and just help you and do things for you because they think about your happiness and well-being, that’s lovable. It is amazing when a man pays attention to the things you like and remember them.

9. Go With The Flow

It is great when a man can adapt to any given situation with ease. Women like it when a man is flexible and spontaneous, can fit in anywhere as if they belong there. It is not only a wonderful trait but also very desirable in a partner.

10. Presentable

Women love it when men take care of themselves and put in effort to look good. Not only is it sexy but also shows that this man loves himself enough to not behave like a caveman. A man in a tailored suit always manages to make a woman’s heart swoon.

Women want men who will love them and respect them for who they are and treat them like queens. So, to all the men out there, take notes!

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