10 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

Empaths are people who feel what is happening to others, in their own bodies. They have excellent abilities like reading body language and knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling. They can look beyond the facade everyone creates and  they can recognize fake image, lies and ulterior motives all at once. Empaths are not easy to fool at all; they are not the ones to mess with!

1. Empaths are Basically Human Lie Detectors

It is not really very difficult to understand when a person is lying. Subconscious body movements almost always give liars away. Nervous eye movements, stammering and overwhelming need to convince are a few definite red flags. But if you are an empath, you don;t even need to read between the lines, as your incredible instinct will suffice – you will simply know, even if you cannot explain how you did.

2. They Sense Jealousy

We all know that jealousy is not a very pleasant emotion, but you really cannot control how you feel most of the time. Empaths can sense if you are jealous of them. No, it will not make them feel superior and charismatic. They know the exact reason behind your jealousy and will demonstrate humility to make you feel comfortable.

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3. Don’t Try to Fool Them

Empaths are strong individuals and can read people well. It is no use pretending to be someone you are not because they will see through the disguise in a moment. They do not play nasty games and will not tolerate if you do.

4. They Sense Hatred

Hatred is the most negative emotion and gives away big negative vibes. Empaths are very sensitive so they are easily affected by the energy a person emits. If you have feelings of hate, empaths will steer away from you as they do not want to be pulled down. They could not be less bothered because they are comfortable in their own skin. This cold indifference to such a strong, yet terrible emotion, makes them dislike that person even more.

5. They Know your Prejudices

Nurturing prejudices that are sure signs of being self absorbed and essentially shallow, is condemned by empaths. They will know if you are uncomfortable with people of different colored skin, sexual orientation, or personality difference, and step behind from being associated with you. If you try to convince them otherwise by hiding your prejudice, it won’t work either.

6. They Know you’re not Fine

You may get away by muttering “I’m fine” to everyone but an empath, as he or she will sense that something is wrong and will patiently listen to you talk about it. Empaths are always ready to help and have healing abilities. Don’t be afraid to talk to them when you are feeling low.

7. They Can Read Lackey’s Like a Book

An empath’s affection is as deep as the ocean and you cannot achieve it by false compliments and superficial small talks. Empaths respect real people and they dislike people pleasers. They have the superhuman ability to decode actions and intentions of a person.

8. They Know When You’re on The Wrong Path

If you have an empath friend warning you from treading a path, it is for your own good. They can sense when you are in the dark alley of self-destruction and will try to prevent it in all possible ways. Do not ignore their advice.

9. They Know When You’re Trying to be Someone You’re Not

You think you can impress them by pretending to be more than what you are or present yourself as someone different than what you are? You are absolutely wrong! Instead, embrace your quirks and flaws. Be your real self and they will appreciate this. There is no need for false pretending.

10. They Can Identify Exploitation

Empaths are approachable people and value honesty. If you need their help, tell them upfront instead of buttering them. They will stop you in your tracks of exploiting them.

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