10 Uncomfortable Signs That You’re Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be

Growing up also means finding your own self. Finding your place in the world, finding out what you like and who you are as a person.

1. You Do Everything By Yourself And Feel Isolated From Others

You have to accept that everybody around you will not grow up and mature at the same rate as you. As you outgrow your friends, your preferences, and life choices might be much different than theirs. Instead of feeling small, just be glad you have got your own back.

2. You Realize That You Have Some Issues With Yourself

An adult can admit to the fact that human beings are not perfect. They make mistakes. You are not perfect either and that’s okay. When we’re young, we tend to have an airbrushed picture of our personality in our mind. But as we grow, we realize to recognize and admit the mistakes we’ve made, and work towards making all the wrongs right.

3. You Have A Strong Desire To Cut Off Some Unnecessary Relationships

As an adult, you realize that not all relationships are worth saving. You will learn that it’s better to let go of some people, that it is for the better. There will be negative souls who will enter your life. It is your responsibility to weed out the detrimental influence. Your happiness is your responsibility.

4. It’s Hard For You To Trust People

With age, comes experience. You’ve been pushed off the cliff enough times to know that your faith in human beings should not be distributed at will. You are skeptical about your choice in humans, and will go to any extent to protect your own self. You will learn that you can’t trust many people, and instead, you can only trust a few.

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5. You Always Feel That Your Life Is Boring

I don’t go partying too often, in order to save money. I don’t drink on weekdays, because I have work the next morning. I don’t surpass my alcohol or substance limit, in order to keep my health from messing up. All of these choices will lead to your life seeming “less fun”. But they are important decisions that you will make over your lifetime and that is what being responsible means.

6. You Are Too Familiar With The Feeling Of Sadness

Life does not come with sprinkles and cherries on top for you. You understand and acknowledge the challenges, instead of running away from them. You know that this ride involves your heart getting broken a couple of times, and even though you experience trauma, you know exactly how to pick yourself back up.

7. You Always Feel Like You’re Running Out Of Time

The hours in one day have stopped being enough for you. There are too many things you need to do, too many assignments you need to complete, too many papers you need to write, and you end up missing out on a lot of them. You’re always really busy, and secretly enjoy it too.

8. You Regret The Mistakes You’ve Made In The Past

You’re older and wiser now, therefore, you have much more life experience. You look back on the past days and highly regret all the impulsive mistakes that your teenage self had gotten tangled into. You know better now, and wish you could travel back in time and tell the younger version of yourself to act more responsible.

9. You Always Miss Your Childhood, Family, And Your Loved Ones

Growing up means that it is almost always inevitable to be away from your family. You miss being near your loved ones. You miss your life being in proper order, and the unending storage of support that you received as a child.

10. You Feel Lost, Confused and Anxious About Your Future

Trust me when I say this, you are not alone! An existential crisis is literally your 20th birthday present. You are unsure about the purpose of your life, and are not sure about what you are doing. You constantly wish you had somebody to guide you through life like your parents had helped you with your first steps.

However, despite all this tension, you’re on your way to becoming something amazing!! You’re a diamond in the rough so just hold on. Great things are coming!

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