15 Simple Habits you can Change Today that will Instantly make you More Attractive

Loving your own self and being self confident and comfortable with yourself is the thing we find as the biggest turn-on in others.

There is nothing that makes an individual more attractive than in peace with oneself and at peace with their flaws and strengths.

That same positivity reflects in your daily life and the positive vibes make others find you more and more attractive too.

This list here will help you know of habits that are healthy for your state of being and will help you learn to be more loving towards your own self. And through that, others will find you more attractive than ever!

1. Enjoy the smallest of pleasures in life

From your pizza having more pepperoni than usual to a seat on the bus, appreciate the smallest of pleasures in life.

This will give you a more positive outlook on life and will make you happier with life altogether.

2. Maintain that positive attitude

The positive attitude you have will make people like you more and simply enjoy that beautiful presence of yours! Wear your smile like a shield and work like your life depended on it.

3. Stop holding grudges

Just like you hold grudges, they hold you back from the beautiful things you do have in life. Learn to appreciate those instead.

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4. Make time for yourself

Be your best friend. Go grab yourself a nice shirt or a dress or cook for yourself. Watch a late night movie at the theater or simply re-read your favorite book. Don’t neglect yourself. Take some time to do what makes your soul happy.

5. Eat healthy

You are what you eat. So be careful of what you put into your body. A healthy body image and more importantly, being comfortable with your own self and in your body, is one of the best ways to stay positive.

When you are comfortable with yourself, it is only a matter of time until others are too.

6. Get enough sleep

Give your body and mind all the rest it requires. Let your nerves calm and your body rest properly.

Besides, it is now a fact that dreaming can help face your fears better in real life. So a healthy circadian cycle is more than essential for a healthy individual.

7. Be active

Indulge in some form of physical exercise or outdoor sport. Fresh air and spending some time out in green surroundings helps in improving your general state of health a lot.

And we all know, a healthy body houses a happy mind.

8. Know your self-worth

If people talk, let them say what they wish. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Know your worth and appreciate yourself.

9. Live in the moment and enjoy it

Instead of worrying about negative possibilities and outcomes, or being sad about things that didn’t work out, try concentrating on getting the most happiness out of the present day.

Focus on what you have going on now, instead of things from the past or worrying about the future.

10. Socialize

No matter how daunting it seems, try and make new connections. Widen your circle and make new friends.

Also, don’t forget to focus on the ones you have in your life. You never know how a little bit of your attention can brighten someones whole day!

11. Make your friendships your priority

Friendship is what smooths the rough edges of life and makes existence bearable.

Never underestimate the power of a hug or a late night chat with a friend.

And more importantly, never stop trying to be a better friend to your friends and the people you love. There is a special joy in that.

12. Stop being afraid

Comfort zones are nice, yes, but things never grow there.

Get out of your ordinary existence and try something new and different. Try something that you have wanted to but didn’t have the courage to. You will be surprised how amazing it will make you feel afterwards.

13. Adopt a pet

One of the most rewarding experiences ever.

14. Stop doing things that make you unhappy

If life feels like a chore, try living it a bit differently. You will not regret it.

Also, whatever it is that you have figured that brings you down and fills you with negativity, get rid of that. May it be a job or a person in your life; make sure you stay away from things that are toxic for you.

15. Go out from time to time

The world is yours for taking. Make the most of your life while you have time.

Do fun things and go out with your friends every once in a while. A good night out with your favorite people will make you feel great and those memories will last you for a lifetime.

Happiness is contagious and happiness is the new sexy. So go ahead and be that.

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