15 Things Old Souls In Love Do Differently Than Others

People who are still in their young adult lives but they find it easier to connect with people older than them are the definition of old souls. Their bodies might be young but their minds are years ahead.

They like solitude and many others are often not able to understand this need. They are not loners but they have enough self-assurance to not feel uncomfortable without the presence of others.

Like everything else, they also view romance and love with a different perspective and they reveal their true feelings in various ways.

1. They Provide A Sense Of Home

The old saying ‘home is where the heart is’ very much applies to old souls. They prefer a partner who would enjoy to curl up on the couch on a weekend night with a collection of old movies while drinking wine.

2. They Are Not Impressed By Material Things

You can’t woo an old soul by giving them expensive gifts and you can’t expect them to do that for you either. They look for more meaningful ways to express themselves and if it comes to gifts, they prefer to receive or give one that has deep meaning behind it.

3. They Respect Honesty And Communication

Beating around the bush and playing mind games will not work with an old soul and even more so if you are dating one. They will always let you know exactly how they feel. Remember that they never mean to hurt you with their honesty, but because they prefer open communication, they will always choose to discuss their feeling instead of suppressing them.

4. Emotional Investment

A fling is not something that an old soul would prefer because they always look for a much deeper connection. They need to really feel something deep for a person before they can let themselves get close and emotionally invest themselves in them.

5. They Are In It For The Long Run

They will only enter a relationship if they feel like it will last and see potential in it. They do not do anything just for kicks.

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6. They Stand Apart From The Crowd

Going with the flow is not easy for old souls because they view the world differently from the average person. They have and prefer their own ways. This often makes them look cold and distant but, because of the way they are, they actually just find it difficult to fit in.

7. They Are Always Willing To Listen

Your views and opinions are just as important to them as their own and they are always ready to listen. If you find yourself in an argument or any kind of conflict with an old soul, you will notice that they are the type of people that look for a solution rather than arguing about it.

8. Relationships

It is not easy for them to date like others as they prefer to look out for partners who have a few years on them. People of the same age usually don’t have the maturity to that they look for in another person.

9. They Need Help Lightening Up

Just kicking back without any worries is difficult for an old soul. They need a little help from you to just sit back and relax. They have a tendency to always be serious.

10. Vulnerability

An old soul will never betray you and they expect to receive the same level of honesty that they give. If you fall short, they will be very hurt and feel betrayed.

11. Innovative

A lot of time and planning goes into every date they take their partner out on. Instead of the old “dinner and a movie” type of date, they will always come up with something different that their partner will love and never forget.

12. They Can See Through You

Being very intuitive, they can see right through you! They have great powers of intuition and will always know if something is not right. Be honest with them because there really is no point in lying.

13. They See Things For What They Are

Old souls do a good job of trying to act like pessimists but they are actually quite realistic. They see the world for what it is and are often overwhelmed by the sadness it causes them. These are the times when they will reach out to their partners in order to remember that there is still some good left in the world.

14. Freedom And Independence 

Being with the one they love is important to an old soul but they also wish to have lives outside of their relationships. They are protective of their sense of self so let them have some alone time every once in a while.

15. No Regrets

A relationship with an old soul requires a lot of effort but be sure that they will never give you a reason to regret your choice. They will care for you deeply and will never betray you.

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