20 Simple Tips You Can Do Every Day That Will Change Your Entire Life

Happiness is something we are all chasing at every given moment. The reason behind everything we do, plan or try doing mainly is for the pursuit of happiness.

In this chase to be happy and hope to find happiness in things, we forget to live in the moment and appreciate the little joys of life. We keep running after a certain dream that we have concretely set in our minds and we get to a point where we think that the only way to be happy would be by achieving that one dream. We miss out on the small ways that life surprises us.

One must understand that the answer is to not run after happiness, but find it and embrace it in our everyday lives.

In case you ever get lost in this wild chase, here are 20 tips to help you and guide you there!

1. Meditation

Meditation helps you take your mind off of the general distractions and really focus on what is important and what the moment is really about. Meditation will do wonders for you mind and body.

2. Don’t force positivity

Many times when going through a rough time, we constantly and immediately try to turn things around, which can make us feel even more overwhelmed and knock us down. Don’t ignore or dismiss what is going on; instead, acknowledge your situation and figure out what to do next in order to better it.

3. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

If you set unrealistic goals, you are just setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. You will feel unhappy sometimes and that is okay. It does not mean that that is how the rest of your life will be. Relax.

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4. Don’t wait for “Someday”

Don’t spend your whole life waiting for the right moment to do something. If you feel like you have to do it, let nothing stop you. Make “someday” be today!

5. Do what you must for happiness

Sometimes, letting go of things that make you unhappy are hard to put an end to; may it be a relationship, friendship or a job. No matter how hard it is, in order to be happy, you must let go of what brings you down.

6. Stop trying to define happiness

Happiness does not have one concrete definition. It is not possible to hold the word to one concrete meaning or one source. Happiness can be brought to you by many things, big or small. It’s not just one singular thing that defines it.

7. Contentment

Don’t put yourself under the pressure of being “great” or “amazing” all the time. Sometimes you are just okay, and that is okay. Accept that and be content with it and with your own self.

8. Take small steps

Making one huge goal is not the best strategy when it comes to working towards something. Taking smaller steps and working your way to something keeps you motivated and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Set smaller steps and knock them down one by one.

9. Have boundaries

To have truly healthy relationships and friendships, one must establish and maintain boundaries. Sometimes we give too much and don’t get the same from the person, and this is often a source of sadness; therefore, boundaries are essential for better and healthier relationships and for your own peace of mind.

10. Get out of your comfort zone

A routine does serve many purposes and is helpful, but that does not mean spontaneity is any less essential. Great things happen once you get out of your comfort zone and venture into something new, different and bigger.

11. Live in the present

Don’t let yourself remain invested in whatever happened the day before or what might happen tomorrow. Find happiness in the present and enjoy it!

12. Take care of your health

A healthy body is one of the key ingredients of a happy mind. Good health keeps your mind in a good place.

13. Serve others

If you only focus on your own life and happiness, after a certain point, you will find yourself alone and unable to find happiness. Doing things for other people gives one an inner peace which is a true ingredient of happiness and it betters your relationships with people.

14. Honesty

Denial never leads to happiness. If you feel hurt, sad or upset, that is okay. Admit it to yourself and let yourself go through it in order to get over it. If you bottle up your feeling or pretend that everything is fine, it will lead you nowhere. Open up to your own self and be honest to yourself.

15. Meet people

Socialize, make friends and build new relationships. Humans need other humans to make them feel needed, valued and validated. Meeting new people and being social often helps one feel happy.

16. Start your day right

Starting your morning right is the way to be positive throughout the day. If you wake up fresh, to positive vibes and wash out your negativity, you are bound to feel good for the rest of the day. Create a morning routine that works for you and makes you feel good.

17. Find your purpose

An aimless or purposeless life is an endless source of grief. Look within yourself and find your purpose in life. Find the one goal in life that you want to achieve and create smaller ones to get you there.

18. Be a learner

Understand that you don’t and won’t have all of the answers most of the time, but also understand that it is okay. Learn from previous experiences and mistakes and use that to move forward.

19. Spend some time to admire nature

Life can be crazy most of the time. Make time every once in a while to spend in nature and simply enjoy that beauty. No cellphones or work, just you and nature. It can be as simple as a short walk, but trust me, it will make you feel a lot better. It will help clear your head and make you feel refreshed.

20. Your achievements are not your happiness

There is no reason for you to not find happiness in your achievements but they are not the only thing that bring you happiness. There is more to life than your material achievements, although they do form a big part of it.

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